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Fucked-in-the-Head PC UNis
By William Rapier

My brother gave me this story, from his youngest son who is still at university. It seems that said son’s friend, an Anglo-Saxon, one of the few doing medicine at this university in Victoria (most are East Asian, lots, Muslim), went onto Google images, and looked at a particular firearm.

Now, all Australian universities are highly censored, with an automatic computer system that censors Right wing and conservative sites, as well as anything involving “weapons.” The James LaFond site does not have a snowball’s chance there. Radical Leftist and Islamic sites are not censored, but this may in part be because the software appears to operate in English, not Arabic. But, images are not yet censored. Why, gun banners need to see the weapons that they want to restrict. It would slow the process of disarming Anglo-Australia for the inevitable white genocide, to stop such research.

Anyway, next thing this young lad knows, university security guards, all non-White, surround him. It appears that a Muslim student who was working on a computer next to him got alarmed when the page came up, showing an image of a particular firearm. University security went on “terror” alert. They confronted the lad. He said that he had looked at the site, but so what, there should be some degree of free speech left at institutions paid for by taxpayers. He also said that Islamic students frequently went onto radical sites, and he was told this by a more liberal Muslim girl in his class. He also said that Asian students played computer games involving guns where people, usually White bad guys were killed. The Students’ Association at the university has many violent films featured in its Friday night film specials. He concluded: my lad is a lawyer, how far do you want to take this?

The security men said to “cool it,” that they were just checking out a student complaint, and that they all had firearms licences. The lad and the security guards then had a friendly gun talk. One guard said in an unguarded moment, that he often used the university computers, with some over-ride menu, to look at guns for sale on the market. So, he admitted to violating university computer-security policy, a sackable offence. The security men, perhaps being non-White, did not have the “fear-all-guns” mentality of the White liberals at the university, and just did their job. One guy who had previously worked for an armoured guard delivery firm, transporting money, had carried a Glock on his hip, and had a pump action shotgun in the back of the truck. They left our student friend, who immediately got out his laptop, with his own wi fi, and went onto every politically incorrect site he could think of.

So, a gentle Muslim student is offended by an Anglo-Saxon looking at a picture of a gun. This justifies three guards coming to the computer suite and questioning the student. Sounds reasonable to me. After all, the dying race of Anglo-Saxons and Nordics is raping and murdering in Europe, as many news services daily report and it pays to be careful. Who knows, the devious student may have worked out some magical way of taking the image of a gun and making it real. The shock, the horror. When Australia is an Asian Republic, with gay marriage and an Aboriginal constitution, and full internet censorship, maybe then gentle folk will not have to be disturbed by thoughts of violent Anglos, looking at pictures, and dreaming.

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