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Against Love
By Fred Beare

A female reader – no bullshit – wants enlightenment about the question of mate choice. Just to be sure I have got it right as I type my miserable bullshit, I will perform the magic of a cut ‘n’ paste, to refresh our memories:

“Are the rules for a primal man different than for any other kind of man? Even a primal man can suffer for his mistakes.

And if you're not advocating making a bunch of single mothers as is done in some other cultures, but rather creating a solid family, how can you tell from initial scan what a woman's worth is?

Her values, honor, intelligence?

Not the part of her that puts on the makeup to impress, but the part of her that wakes up without it, who faces herself yet another day in her life according to the quality of her conscience.

How would you determine if children with her would be a good decision for the next 20 years of your life, from looking around or having one conversation? The mask doesn't come off quickly enough for most of us to avoid joining the league of the divorced, and luck plays a part as well...

And if you're supposed to do this every time you enter a public room somewhere, then where is the loyalty to the first family you have made, and how well are you protecting it? How should a woman be respected and considered ideally, when she is a REAL partner, not some useless shopper who uses you for her own status elevation?

What would you teach your hypothetical daughters about growing up to be women, and how would you honor the woman and daughters who contribute to your life daily?”

Normally I would not be responding, but I was planning to write a piece for, not this site, but Return of Kings, on the misfortune of having daughters in this day and age. My central message was to be that there is no greater misfortune that can befall a man than having a daughter, or daughters. I thought that some wise Jewish philosopher must have written, “there is no greater misfortune that can befall a man than having a daughter (s),” but Google does not reveal who might have said this first, but it is true. So, put it on my fuckin’ tombstone.

All fathers that I know, from the richest, to the poorest, suffer a crippling metaphysical angst of the soul from their daughters’ behavior. Sexual whoredom, drugs, alcohol abuse, lack of respect for hard working parents who give them everything, you name it. The causes are many, from the fact that women are out of control, to that our society is in freefall to cultural collapse. It has all been said before, especially by James, better than I could put it:;

In this cultural context of degeneracy and decay, it is simply impossible to ask for a success formula for a happy marriage, any more than one can have a successful life, with the sword of the Damocles of mega-collapse over our heads. Most marriages will fail. Kids will be flawed and feral, no matter what one does. It is all fucked, and this is what cultural collapse feels like from the inside. It is far too late to save it, because the body-social is now rotting, and we are but its odor.

Common-sense suggests at a minimum, of using brutally cold rationality, rather than love in personal relationships in these endgame stages. First, legally protect yourself, in all relationships. If you have assets that could be got to by family law, including de facto relationship law, hide them immediately. See a lawyer to find out how, as it can be done. Maybe put things into a limited liability company, or a trust. Perhaps cash could be safely buried; I don’t know. Every situation is different, but I do know, that even though lawyers are vile cunts, it is best to eat shit from them in sorting things out initially than later in court. Divorce courts are slow forms of skinning a man alive. Do not go there! Do not go there! This is the systems’ way of totally destroying men. Wealthy women can be hurt too, but normally, it is men who are roasted by the vicious feminist parasites who now dominate the low bowel regions of the courts.

After the legal moves, then coldly evaluate your partner over a long time: marry in haste, repent at leisure. That is my story. I should have checked out my psychopath-to-be wife in great detail before knocking her up. But, I did not, and there goes my life. I lost a two million dollar plus home, and numerous assets, as the children went with her, so the courts gave her almost everything. Later, because of her physical abuse of the children, they came to live with me. Too bad that the house, which took a lifetime of hard work, which I slaved away helping build with my own hands, had now become hers, which she sold, giving her money to whore with.

A man, or in some cases a woman, never recovers from this financial gutting, so above all else, be careful. Love has to be the most dangerous intoxicating drug that can filter into the brain. Do not let this toxic chemical destroy your life! That is what I tell my sons, but my daughter does not care a stuff what I say, caring only for getting resources. Hence, I have come to agree with the crazy Aussies who write over-the-top stuff for this site, that the best thing now, would be for all-out nuclear war, or an asteroid strike by a lump of shit ten miles in diameter. It would

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Sam J.July 17, 2017 1:23 PM UTC

A friend of mine had a great job, a house on seven acres "paid for" and a lot of the equipment needed to keep all this stuff going and his wife decided,"she wasn't happy". So they sell off all this stuff get separated, but still stay together, move to the West coast, Washington State. Now my friend wants to raise his kids so he does all this. He can only tolerate Washington so long before he gives up, tells everyone he's moving back to Missouri and they can go or stay but he won't stay another minute among these retarded liberals. So now he has a house there but all that money was blown by his wife and he had to sell off all his stuff for nothing so he's fucked. he has no nest egg anymore. When the kids leave he's immediately getting rid of the house and the wife. She's so stupid she thinks he will keep paying for the house( he made sure when they separated to keep all his funds separate from then on). Both of them are tapped out. She will be destitute and he doesn't have anything to fall back on now. He could be comfortably retired in a few years but now he's got to keep working.


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