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Aborting Ragnarok
By Eirik Bloodaxe

We know that we are in apocalyptic times: choose your nightmare. We, followers of the old Norse Gods of Odin and Thor call this Ragnarok:

Brothers shall fight

and fell each other,

And sisters' sons

shall kinship stain;

Hard is it on earth,

with mighty whoredom;

Axe-time, sword-time,

shields are sundered,

Wind-time, wolf-time,

ere the world falls;

Nor ever shall men

each other spare.

-Voluspa, The Poetic Edda, stanza 45.

This pretty much sums up what is happening to us. But, will the Gods perish too, as The Poetic Edda accounts detail? Will Thor and his kin fall, as we are now falling in Gotterdammerung, “the twilight of the Gods”? Will the universe perish in flame, with only Thor’s hammer (Mjollnir), some gods like Balder and Thor’s sons and those clinging to Yggdrasil, Lif and Lifthrasir, surviving?

Almost all of the existing Norse traditional material arrives to us today, has filtered through the Christian scribes, who for some odd reason, decided to preserve it in their neo-cucked form. There has been much written about the inevitable Christian influence, since snotty nosed Christian scribes like Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241) wanted to bury the old Gods, so Christianity could be the vector for the parasites it carried. Even here he did not do a consistent job, because although a Ragnarok he killed off Thor and Odin, there were still surviving Gods, enough for the cycle to be re-established.

Apart from the Christians, there are Viking monuments depicting Ragnarok, some older than 1000 AD, thus pre-dating the Christian curse. Examples are the rune-stone at Kirk Bridge on Man; the rune-stone at Jurby on Man; the capitals at Bocherville in Normandy and the rune-stone at Ledberg. None of these depicts the Gods losing their battles, and most are of Thor smashing the shit out of the Midgard Serpent. See generally John Stanley Martin, Ragnarok: An Investigation into Old Norse Concepts of the Fate of the Gods, (Van Gorcum Assen, 1972), pp. 74-75.

In a little known article in the Odinist magazine Theod, vol. 3, 1996, “Thor and the Midgard Serpent: The One that got Away,” by Thorskegga Thorn, it is argued that even account of snotty Christian Snorri Sturluson, gets Ragnarok wrong. In one of the earlier stories, when Thor was hunting the Midgard Serpent, he wrote: “the serpent sank into the sea. But Thor threw his hammer after it, and they say that he struck off its head by the sea-bed. But I think in fact the contrary is correct to report to you that the Midgard Serpent lives still and lies in the encircling sea.”

Yes, that is what a Christian infected by the mind viruses would say. Everyone else, by his own admission says that Thor won. Indeed Saxo Grammaticus, “Danorum Regum Herounmque Historia” (“The History of the Danes”) says that the Norse Gods were immortal, and he makes no mention of Ragnarok at all.

If Thor won, then the Gods win at Ragnarok because Thor could tag team with Odin to defeat the Fenris Wolf (Thor fights Fenris in Lokasenna stanza 58 anyway), and they would easily defeat it. The contradictions in Sturluson destroy his account of Ragnarok.

Clearly, the Norse Gods win – Thor and Odin live on. They await our return, we the people of the nation of Odin, to the old ways. Bring back the age of blood, steel and human sacrifices!

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