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Despacito Deconstructed
By Professor dy/dx

The Latin song “Despacito” (“Slowly”) seems to be everywhere, even inside my head as an ear worm. The music video features hot Latin bumping and grinding, lot’s of asses and titties:

What is needed is an exorcism to break its ties and purge its contents from our minds. So, here is a new song: “Desperado” (“Out of Hope”)”


Yes, you know that I have seen peeping on you

Every time you go in the gutter to poo

I have got to cream you today

In every hole and every way

Your look told me that I will be your pimp

I’m a goin’ to work that ass all day

And for your heroin, make you pay

You are the rusty tin can

I am the electro-magnetic man

Slowly, I can feel the money comin’ in

Enough to fill up a little rubbish bin

I will lick the gunpowder off your hands

While my gang banger mate does hand stands

And other punks in the video make gun signs acting touch

They all will fuck you until you have had enough

Let me undress you with my flick knife

You can beg for your life

You will scream

When you get our ice-cream…

etc. etc….

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