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A Woman’s Worth
Considered On Their Own Merit: James’ Answers to Lili’s Things She Really Wants to Know

“And if you're not advocating making a bunch of single mothers as is done in some other cultures, but rather creating a solid family, how can you tell from initial scan what a woman's worth is?”

The purpose behind that initial scan is purely tactical. It has nothing to do with her. I’ve just identified where the problem is going to erupt: men are going to argue and fight with each other because she is there. Men who would not otherwise do so will bully, threaten, intimidate, because she is there. Men may threaten her, and it may be part of your morality not to stand by while a woman is threatened by a man. Most of all, she is going to melt down under any pressure and make things worse.

When there are men present, women always make the situation worse. Their ability to do so is based on their attractiveness to men. Every week, in Baltimore, some homeboy is shot in the head by a man because of an attractive woman. This is an instantaneous judgement as to who the attractive woman in the new space is, so that you will know where the trouble is going to come from. I suggest identifying the kind of woman that the man who enters the new space finds most attractive as a simple matter of expediency, so that he is not doing mental back flips trying to figure out what the particular men in this space would be into.

Also, there is the fact that hostile men will also use a woman to get to a man from an enemy group. For instance, if a group of Mexicans are hanging out, and they feel like beating up a gringo, and there are two women present, one of them being a Latina, and one of them being a tall, blond, American woman, they will use that woman to put the man in a compromised position by perhaps threatening her or attacking her, knowing that he’s more likely to go to the defense of the woman that he identifies with and is more attracted to.

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