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If She’s a Stupid Bitch
Considered On Their Own Merit: James’ Answers to Lili’s Things She Really Wants to Know

“Her values, honor, intelligence?

Not the part of her that puts on the makeup to impress, but the part of her that wakes up without it, who faces herself yet another day in her life according to the quality of her conscience.”

If you can get a read on her functional intelligence, then that could be very helpful. If you can’t, assume she’s a stupid bitch, because she probably is. For instance, April 2015, the Camden Yards Riots, large swarms of dindu youth were attacking middle-aged white people. White men were successfully hammering these punks, until the white women who were with these men began attacking their own men for fighting. Then the tide turned.

If you came with that woman, you know what she is, you know she’s a liability, and that makes you a bigger target. And you know she’s a stupid bitch, because you married her. In that situation, as soon as you are attacked by the dindus, the first thing that you do is punch her in the stomach or slap her in the face hard, or stomp her ankle, so that you disable her and you don’t have to worry about her jumping on your back. The more attractive she is, the more of a liability she is, because the enemy will assume that you will have a higher level of commitment to protecting her. So, by knocking your stupid wife out, you know where she is, you can defend a fixed position instead of having to worry about this idiot woman running around and possibly jumping on your back or running around like a half-butchered chicken, because they’re civilized whores, they’re not virtuous barbarians.

American Women

“How would you determine if children with her would be a good decision for the next 20 years of your life, from looking around or having one conversation? The mask doesn't come off quickly enough for most of us to avoid joining the league of the divorced, and luck plays a part as well...”

If she’s American and she’s good looking, then that’s pretty much a guarantee that having children with her is a disastrous idea. If I were a young man and wanted to have children, I would buy myself an Eastern European wife.

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LynnJuly 16, 2017 7:18 PM UTC

As to the first part, what if the woman has always wanted to crash a lamp onto a bad guy's head? Should we cover that in a podcast?