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Tactical Outlook
Considered On Their Own Merit: James’ Answers to Lili’s Things She Really Wants to Know

“And if you're supposed to do this every time you enter a public room somewhere, then where is the loyalty to the first family you have made, and how well are you protecting it?”

The whole reason for this exercise, this tactical outlook on entering a new space, understanding that it is a dysfunctional social space, is to identify the probable source of the worst trouble, so that you can get home to your family, rather than ending up in prison or in the morgue.

“How should a woman be respected and considered ideally, when she is a REAL partner, not some useless shopper who uses you for her own status elevation?”

That’s a relationship question (snores until I poke him but doesn't drop his beer), and what I was writing about was mental preparedness for combat, so neither has a bearing on the other. Our society is disintegrating, and women have been granted a type of super moral authority in the social landscape, favored by law enforcement and the judiciary, while men are considered disposable.

Without being able to trust in any social norms of behavior, in order for a man to give himself the tactical advantage every time he enters a new space, he must first identify the real enemy to his freedom and survival, which is the American woman, whether she is used as a pawn or she is the instigator. A woman’s level of perceived attractiveness not only makes her a magnet for trouble, but in our age of feminist empowerment, makes it more likely that she will run her mouth and cause trouble, cashing in on her status.

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