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Big Ron Explores the Military Issue

The liberals and the homosexuals and the feminists try to put a narrative out as to what a man should find attractive, but it doesn’t work.

She ordered food and I took food to her house. There was a little bit of chemistry between us. I let it lie at that and I left.

A couple days later, she ordered food again and I took it there and she was real happy to see me and I asked her, “Would you like to go get some drinks sometime?”

A chef at a five-star restaurant, specializing in healthy and organic cuisine, might order junk food once in a while. But the quick reorder suggests to the misogynistic biographer, that this little lady was ordering up some Big Ron, with a side of pizza.

At this point I might point out that my advice about dealing with women doesn’t apply to sober women.

She said, “Yeah, okay, how about tonight.”

I told her what time I got off and she wanted to go have some drinks that night.

I got off of work and went and picked her up at her house. And took her to Brennen’s Pub.

We were in their having some drinks and I found out her story. She was an army brat. Her mother and father were army officers and her worked at Fort Meade. She spent time around the country at different army bases. She was black, but was a college educated woman, went to the culinary school down town.

Her build, she didn’t have huge titties or huge ass but she had all curves. There was no straight lines with this woman. Her nipples looked like Hershey kisses. Her face, yeah we get up to that eventually, she was silky smooth like a Kit Kat bar—just as sweet.

Is there a backup line to, “You want to go out and have a drink?”

Women have an immediate attraction to honesty. They have a good bullshit detector. They like simple man behavior like you just standing there and blatantly staring at their best parts. If you have no confidence, you’re not going to get any pussy. If you’re going to lie you’ve got to be real confident about it. They can read us more than most men realize, a survival strategy they’ve evolved over history. That’s the thing about feminists, they don’t realize that real women are running the men who are running the show. A real woman has got it figured out, can wrap a man around her finger. The problem is there’s not many real women left anymore or men for that matter.

Dovey was about five six and 135. She was thin, but really curved well, you could see her abs. It’s all about proportions, just like Thanksgiving dinner.

We came up here to the Shamrock because she worked in the local area, so was curious about some of the bars. She didn’t want to go alone, so big Ron—philanthropist, and all around good guy—was there to lend a hand. We were talking about different things and she was holding my legs and then came up and grabbed by head and stuck her tongue in my mouth and started kissing. I don’t think Terry wanted too much interracial action in his bar but it was goin’ down.

Terry. The curmudgeon barkeep, snarls up from his pour at Ron and shakes his head.

I said, “Do you want to get out of here, my place or your place?”

She said, “My place!”

I bought some beer to go.

She said, “I might not drink any.”

I wanted to drink, so bought some beer and went back to her house and we’re fucking like hell for the better part of the night. It was a Friday so I didn’t have to be to work in the morning. Next thing 10 or11, we woke up and I took her to breakfast.

I started seeing her for a while. She was 24 years old and I was like 36, and I eventually broke it off because she had a lot going for her and she didn’t need to be fucking around with me drinking and fucking all the time. She met a guy, married him and had a kid. My goals were totally different than hers so—catch and release ethics came into effect.

She was a good girl. She wasn’t like most out there. She was looking for a man to settle down with and that wasn’t what I was trying to do.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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PRJuly 18, 2017 10:53 PM UTC

Well, Ron, they like men they're attracted-to staring at them like they're meat. Usually they make it obvious they're attracted to you. Some are shy, most these days are very forward. Guys with muscles can pretty much look at a girl any way they want and get a smile back. There are so few guys with muscles. The mid-30s seems to be a sweet spot for a man. I get way more attention from women at this age than I did before. Perhaps it's just because I have more confidence and am unavailable.