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Ancestors to Virtually All...
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If you're interested in Neanderthals, ancestors to virtually all of this blog's readership, check out this film by Werner Herzog:


Paleoanthropologists have waxed mighty sapient about Neanderthals being limited because their tool kit did not change over 150,000 years. I think that the reason for this was their inability to throw, which did not provide the imaginative linkage from spear, to atlatl, and from stone, to bolo, to sling, which were the converging points of departure to bow and arrow making. The Neanderthal tool kit proved adequate for their needs for a quarter-million years and only failed in the face of homo sapiens armed with projectile weapons. Even so, all extant Neanderthal DNA is paternal, meaning that they gave better than they got for a good while.

They had much larger brains than we have. Large brains can have other uses, such as cooling in hot climates and sonar in aquatic environments. But, since evidence of Neanderthal ritual predates homo sapiens, and homo sapiens became intensely ritualistic after conquering the Neanderthal homeland, I must conclude that Neanderthal man devoted his mental capacity to something other than material tools.

My final argument for why Neanderthals are so important to us spiritually is the mythic prevalence of such creatures as Yeti, bigfoot, giants, Wendigos and other northern forest humanoids. But most of all, is the fact that King Kong might be the most beloved and mourned figure in cinematic history.

Below, Neanderthal descendent Werner Herzog present Cave of Forgotten Dreams—The Paintings.

Reverent Chandler: The Saga of Fend

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BobJuly 19, 2017 1:31 AM UTC

I've got 253 Neanderthal variants, fewer than 81% of 23andme's base. It appears that about 4% of my DNA comes from the Neanderthal That low count rather surprised me. My DNA is 100% European and 91.2% Northwestern European. Whatever.

The wall art in Herzog's film is quite stunning and stands on its own merits, whatever one might think about the ethic group to which the work is ascribed. Anyone who appreciates art should watch.

I think the Neanderthal input is useful to the extent that explains how fundamentally different - not better or worse - blacks are from every other present day human group. And how senseless assimilation efforts are. Dignity with distance.
Sam J.July 18, 2017 3:18 PM UTC

I had a thought. Maybe people want to be Neanderthals because...well there aren't any. So we can just project whatever wonderful traits they have onto them. The truth is they were driven out of every nice place they were in. Now maybe you could claim the Cro-Mags were the aggressors but in every case one population takes over another the aggressor always gets the aggrieved Women. In this Neanderthal Women's dna means no Neanderthal Women were taken. It doesn't fit. But my thoughts that the Neanderthals Men attacked our Women, fits handily.

Just like people who live where there's no Dindus somehow think they are some poor oppressed bunch. If Neanderthals lived next door to you, you would probably hate their guts and the last thing you would want to be is a Neanderthal. Like Gypsy's. All that dancing and singing. Wagons. So romantic but the squalid, thieving bastards move next door and all they're good for then is hanging.
Sam J.July 18, 2017 3:04 PM UTC

"...Sam, Neanderthals buried their dead..." do Blacks, and Black neighborhoods have the EXACT same problem that, could be, the Neanderthals had. Everyone killing everyone else with no "empathy" towards others not in the immediate family. Even in the immediate family, as James has gone over many, many, times, they seem to be a little rough on the little ones. There are studies showing Blacks have very low empathy for others. Them burying their dead in no way discounts what I said. Notice I said,"...Neanderthals were more like animals...". I didn't say they were antelope or bears or whatever. Intelligence is not the same as empathy.

Maybe I am in denial. I could be wrong but the guy who said that we all have about 5% Neanderthal genes is Jewish and I don't believe a damn word the Jews say if it can be twisted to their aims. Notice if Whites and Asians have almost no Neanderthal dna but Middle Easterners have a huge amount then...the average is 5% but that doesn't say a damn thing about how much Whites or Asians have. A guy asked one of the researchers in the group that was not Jewish and he would not refute that the case was as I stated with Whites having little to none. I'm not saying I'm not wrong but geesh look at the fucking TV. Look at what they're telling us. I'm not talking out of my ass. These people lie constantly.

What do Jews look like? There's no doubt that the very Jewy looking Jews look like Neanderthals. The Jews have put a great deal of effort into denying that physiology or the form of peoples bodies, their skulls, their skin color is unimportant. A great deal of effort. In many cases when the Jew persist in saying that something is of no importance then it's likely it's of major importance. That the morphological traits of animals changes with changes in behavior has been proven to be true. It's likely that this trait is the same in humans.

Think of the world before Cro-Magnon came and what you see is the Neanderthal. After Cro-Magnon came they no longer ruled and the Jews(Neanderthals) hate all that came after them.
IshmaelJuly 18, 2017 11:53 AM UTC

Cro-mag likely were the artists, genetically who will ever know how much Neanderthal contributed, they lived together in that valley, first failed attempt at multiculturalism perhaps?
Sam J.July 18, 2017 1:22 AM UTC

Tex Arcane (Vault-co) says that Neanderthal painted these. Not buying it. The great Cro-Mags did this. 250,000 years and the Neanderthals built...some whistles. Crude rock tools.

Look at what happened when the Cro-Mags showed up 43–45,000 years ago. We have since then built a massive amount of stuff compared to the 250,000 years of Neanderthal...nothing.

I guess if we're to give them credit for something maybe they tamed wolves but that may not be true either as shown with the taming of foxes in Russia only sixth generations were needed before certain foxes wanted human company. So the Neanderthals probably didn't do that either.

I've been looking to download this Cave video. Thanks for finding it.
IshmaelJuly 17, 2017 2:56 PM UTC

Sam, Neanderthals buried their dead, haven't seen this happen with Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh my, but I starting to wonder, with your theory's stated, that you may be in denial of your own ancestory. Just a thought.
Sam J.July 17, 2017 12:36 PM UTC

I'm not buying this. The Neanderthals, if they were so damn smart, should have been all about the atlatl, the sling, the bow if they were so throwing challenged.

Here's my totally whacked theory of the Neanderthals. I believe the Neanderthals were more like animals. They were in modern day terms psychopaths. All wild animals have very little empathy as we know it in modern populations. Why do I say this? The Neanderthals were in Europe for 250,000 years and did...nothing. Not a damn thing. Cro-Magnon Man popped up and all of sudden you had buildings, paintings, and all kinds of modern(for cave Men) stuff. There's a book called the bicameral mind where a researcher says that pre history the mind of humans was not integrated well. I believe this is wrong. I think "empathy" is the genetic force that made us modern. The ability to step outside ourselves and view others as we see ourselves. Maybe we're not so good at it at times but it's a big leap. Notice the race, Whites, who have as a general rule the greatest ratings on empathy are also the most advanced. This is changing as technology is making empathy less a gain and more of a burden.

So what happened is the Cro-Mags came to Europe and the the Neanderthals attacked them and raped our Women(there's no mtDNA of Neanderthal Women that I know of. This means it's all Neanderthals raping Cro-Mag Women). Probably because Neanderthal Women were hideous. Then the Cro-Mags finally got pissed and drove them into the most inhospitable areas of Europe and the Caucus Mountains.

Now here's a way, way, way out theory. The Jews are Neanderthals. Notice I've said the Jews were a tribe of psychopaths. That's where they got it from. The Jews look like Neanderthals. You must admit this. The Jews have spent a great deal of effort saying that head shape means nothing or physiology(body forms) mean nothing. I wonder why...??? Neanderthals.