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Call 911 and Die!
Somali Cop Shoots Australian Babe in Minneapolis?

Don’t come to America. It’s a stupid ,evil, racist country full of trigger-happy psychopathic cops. Especially in Minneapolis it appears. The cops there recently shot and wounded a woman’s two pet dogs in a fenced in backyard while responding to a burglar alarm: (Woman says police officer responding to burglary alarm shot her dogs).

Not to mention the still brewing controversy in the city over the police shooting of Philando Castile, even though the officer involved, Jeronimo Yanez, was exonerated of any blame in the fatal shooting (Yanez has recently left the force: He has recently left the force. So WTF is going on in Twin Town? Too much diversity and too little competence in the MPD now perhaps.

In any event, stay the hell away if you know what’s good for you! Not that you’re much safer in most other Western countries these days mind you. There’s no place to run to anymore.

Justine Ruszczyk Damond: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Race War Update.

He’s a Somali-American. The plot thickens.

Minneapolis officer Mohamed Noor

Facebook/Betsy Hodges

Sources Identify Officer Involved in Fatal Minneapolis Shooting

The rest of the story on the Philando Castile shooting. If the cop keeps telling you to stop reaching for the gun that is when you immediately stop doing whatever you were doing and put up your hands. Keep in mind that every police recruit has been shown much dash cam footage of officer who were murdered during traffic stops by suspects who were non-compliant with the arresting officer instructions/comands and went for a gun. I guarantee you every single recruit who viewed one of those videos resolved not to be that guy. (The Murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller 1998).

In any event the dash cam video/audio evidence convinced the jury to acquit officer Yanez.

Video Shows Why Yanez Shot Castile

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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PRJuly 18, 2017 10:47 PM UTC

I have a friend who was shot dead by the cops. His life was spiraling out of control due to drug addiction at the time, so it's difficult to believe he would've turned out differently. Still, the cop who shot him was someone he used to bully in high school.

This is what we get from the Metropolitan Act of 1829. Supposedly, the poor in lawless areas suffer a lot of violence. Obviously, cartels and drug dealers can get away with pretty much whatever they want. Still, it's surprising that people want to be taken care of by the police still.
Sam J.July 17, 2017 6:41 PM UTC

"...The officer who shot Damond was named by KTSP-TV as Mohamed Noor, the first Somali-American police officer in his precinct..."

He shot through the door. I think he must have just fucked up somehow. Low IQ. I mean forty year old White Woman in pajamas???? Big threat???? Maybe he had his gun out as a precaution as she walked up and oops, pulled the trigger.

Afterwards"She was threat, She was a threat", what else would he do. What's done was done then.

As for the Why Yanez Shot Castile. Correctly we can say,"I wasn't there" but it looks to me if he just blazed away without taking time to judge anything. Notice he could have re-positioned himself to his right(to the rear of the car) and been out of the line of direct fire very fast. At that point he could have had his gun drawn and if the driver DID come up with a gun the driver would not have had a direct shot. He would have had the advantage. Instead he just started blazing away at him.

Thing is I'm not a Dindu lover by any means but cops are just shooting people constantly with little to NO provocation. We never hear about it but I bet they're dropping lots of Whites. I've seen a few of these. I saw one where a guy pulled up his shirt to show he wasn't armed and what does the cop do? Shoot his ass dead. Says he was going for a gun. I realize they have a dangerous job but did you know more garbage Men are killed every year than cops? I saw another one where a cop screamed at a guy to drop a knife that was walking AWAY from him. The cop shoots him in the back. The guy was deaf and was just walking down the road whittling on a stick. He didn't even see or hear the cop. MURDER. It's not illegal to whittle on sticks or walk down the road whittling. It's not like the guy was rushing at the cop with a knife or threatening any passersby. They're training to just shoot anyone anytime they make some move that they don't scream at them. As if people can immediately understand what some cop is screaming at them. So if a cop screams at you and you don't understand correctly they kill you.