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The Alpha Male of the Collective
Napi Mephisto, pages 39-41 by Ron West

ego priapism

|ˈēgōˈprīəәˌpizəәm |

Noun proper/formal or scientific [psychology] form of the vulgar slang ‘dick face’

ORIGIN: the American Southwest, descriptive of male neo-conservative High School teachers

Ego Priapism studied and achieved his post graduate degree at the finest catholic university in the nation. Always ‘standing tall’, whether delivering his Philosophy Throughout History lectures or coaching his Model United Nations team at the state competitions or, especially when passive-aggressively denigrating his women associate teachers and keeping his female students in fear and humiliation, Ego incessantly counted his blessings in his innumerable ego-syntonic tales regaled upon all ears, willing and unwilling alike

Ego fancied himself a superior liberal intellectual with his musings on Thoreau, his wide knowledge of government, political intercourse at the State Capital, and his ‘upright standing’ in the eyes of his community’s Christian hierarchical order

But tonight Ego attended his monthly fraternal meeting of Antiquus Mysticusque Ordo Malleus Maleficarum with a troubled mind. A high officer in this most secret lineage of the Holy Inquistion, he was to address the always ongoing and thorny issue of libertine women raising freethinking children and the necessary means of suppressing this dangerous natural feminine curiosity of children in education

Particularly troubling to him just now was a new teacher, Christine Wollstone, having struck up a beginning friendship with an apostate male, especially dangerous in this case, because this man showed the most odious and rare trait of respecting women without any evidence of emasculation

Christine looked to be the epitome of the libertine woman, a free thinking slut of the order which had cursed mankind in the beginning, without boundary in thought or promiscuity. Priapism’s position as ‘Hammer Director’ required a plan putting

Christine in her place of subjection to ‘proper’ men, discrediting her new friend Napi Mephisto, and putting an immediate stop to the free thinking of the child in

Christine’s class who had drawn her attention to the child’s father, Mephisto

One free thinking child can infect another child, anathema to God’s Eternal, Sublime, Theosophical And Paternal Order, GESTAPO, the secret organization’s front as a charter school foundation with a covert agenda dedicated to subjugated male psychological mono-sexualism in women for perpetuity, because all women must become males, but thankfully, seldom or rarely, alpha males. The child, Mephisto’s 14 year old son, had to be made to be seen as dirty because of his unbridled feminine awareness, his father painted as vile beyond belief and Christine trapped to participate in painting this portrait for public consumption. No small task

The meeting had opened with the Socratic discourse “Have you stopped beating your girlfriend” with accompanying crude guffaws, in the modern schoolboy ritual that always served to set the proper tone for the primary purpose of Antiquus Mysticusque Ordo Malleus Maleficarum, to serve God’s purpose with the unceasing pursuit of punishing women. Following this opening, a member of the neo-con Republican illuminati from the school’s governing council had delivered an advanced instruction in Pope Innocent VIII’s 1448 official statement, 'Summa Desiderantes' in which women had abandoned themselves to demons, and had consequently become witches that used magic to make men impotent

Now it was Ego’s time for making his presentation:

Gentlemen, we must, as you all are aware, each beginning term selectively reform and conform new students and staff. I hope you can understand both my meaning and the good intentions which will underlie any proposed new actions for this season

We have the new Christine Wollstone, an obvious libertine slut, quite attractive and very unfortunately, also highly intelligent, and it is this latter which concerns me as much as combined with her wicked beauty, will be prone to seduce the minds of men to musings beyond the bounds of her God given duty to yield her sexual favors to the service of ‘proper’ men in simple humility

A brutal rape has not sufficed to break this woman of inherent evil belief in Woman’s equality to her better Man, and God willing, we shall put the last necessary blow by the sacred Hammer to this determined Witch

I would like to think I understand your concerns expressed to harmonize our work in the community with the needs to remain quietly within the school, but I believe in extraordinary circumstance this deep care for invisibility too conservative or, of an academic philosophy ill suited to the task at hand

In the case of this certain bitch Wollstone, she has both expressed reprehensible admiration for a freethinking male pagan child raised beyond the pale of civilization, and has invited this bastard’s ill gotten father, the Shaman Napi Mephisto, into school community to sow sedition in the minds of our good Christian children with myths condemning our forefather’s God given task to create fear of the righteous in his primitive tribal children

It is my responsibility, as I see it, to harmonize the needs of our ancient order to the facts of this circumstance. It is a struggle for any individual member to properly project the good of our cause in the present secular jurisprudence and its blind drive for the false integrity of the temporal- affording any woman the right to an individual path

Our great struggle for the supremacy of God’s male ego, however the world unaware, must prevail in diverse application as necessary to achieve new understandings and modes of expression. Shall we discuss?

Thriving in Bad Places Kindle Edition

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