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Lone Star News
Jeremy, on the Future Nation of Texas

Race War Update.


“The murder highlights the reality of interracial crime. The vast majority of felony homicides involving whites and blacks have a black suspect and white victim. Many media outlets, tv shows, and movies only hype white on black killings. The same media outlets will downplay black crime by saying “it’s mostly black on black.” The reality is that black on non-black murders constitutes 9-10% of all murders in the USA.”



Small town in Texas has first murder in its history

At least in Texas there is a move to arm up palefaces against the savages imported by the elites of another age.

Soon you'll be able to openly carry a sword in Texas

Jim Bowie didn't win the Sandbar Fight and die at the Alamo for nothing.


Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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