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A Russian Ménage á Trois
By Professor X

The criminal psychopathic US Establishment, frustrated that a war with Russia has not occurred, which was the power elite game plan under Hillary Clinton, and that the human race still gasps on, have been rigorously pursuing the mania that Trump stole the election because Russia released dirt about Clinton and others on the team. Never mind the elephant in the room that they conveniently overlook, about the actual DIRT about her. For some magical reason, that can be ignored. All that matters is the technical procedural matters of whether interference occurred.

What a joke! The US has not only interfered with the elections of most countries on earth, but has used force to topple governments which had interests contrary to its own. We need not go to Left sources here; consider this piece from the mainstream US media:

While mouthing sweet nothings about liberty and freedom, the US, like most states, operates on the “might is right” principle. So what if Russia released DIRT on dirty Hillary! She should not have been DIRTY to begin with.

Now we have shock! Horror! that Don Trump Jr met with a Russian who claimed to have had DIRT on Hillary. There sure is a lot of DIRT being flung around here, enough in fact to bury many. And, as for the meeting: well, so what? Hillary would have done the same. The fact remains that the son is not the candidate. There is nothing illegal in what he did, given freedom of association. But, the media is pushing the Russian conspiracy line, hoping that if they keep mouthing off about it enough, the public will believe the next level of dogg shit that they have ready to shovel. They are real nasty bastards all right, and the great tragedy of Western civilization is that the scum has risen to the top. Is there the political will to scrap the slime mould of history from the cucked, deracinated waters of humanity?

The problem here is that the ruling elites of the West have an ideology completely alien to that which the rest of society – people like you and me have. This is a recipe for inevitable disaster. In the past, the peasants did not have the intellectual infrastructure to organise a mass revolt. However, today, with better education, and a large number of disgruntled intelligentsia turning against the Establishment, things have changed.

I hope that the elites will be fought this time, and given a defeat, the likes of which they these cunts (Microsoft spell check, why haven’t you heard this word before?) have never had.

Well, a man can dream, can’t he?

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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ShepJuly 18, 2017 6:46 PM UTC

Prof, I like the cut of your jib!