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Threads of Old Baltimore


Thank you for this melancholy reminiscence.  I checked the Baltimore Travel Guide and saw that the streets and intersections you describe are mostly in the Red Zone now.  You have witnessed the expiration of a city in which, not so long ago, two men of passing acquaintance could share the burdens of their souls, if only briefly.


Lynn, I really appreciate the annotations and subtitles you have been inserting in these blogspot posts. The blogspot has been looking great. If only we could replace that pot-bellied old goon with Jason Statham for the videos, we'd be set for the big time.

So often, being a pedestrian and mass transit user, I have encountered a lonely soul seeking validation. I have often thought that such people tend to approach me because they sense that I am an alienated person who might identify with their plight. Sometimes, recently, it has been simpler, simply being the older man, or the white man with the book that is perceived prejudicially to be understanding.

I have been thinking that such encounters should be paired with the tales of invalidation that have been so common in the workplace and childhood of my life.

Brass and Roses

Threads of Old Baltimore In my late 20s there was a period of a few years, when I worked 45-hours per week, kept a regular midnight to ...

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LynnJuly 19, 2017 12:15 AM UTC

Statham is ok but that goon is my friend.