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The Police Man is Your Friend—Freeze Bitch!
Enjoying the Police State with Radio Free Dindustan

Teaching Harm City hoodrats to be pirates?

Anne Arundel, Annapolis police build bonds with community through sailing

CRAB/Police Kids Sailing Camp

North Korea carries out public executions on river banks and at school grounds and marketplaces for charges such as stealing copper from factory machines, distributing media from South Korea and prostitution, a report issued on Wednesday said.”

“…Testimonies also showed people can be beaten to death, with one interviewee saying: "Some crimes were considered not worth wasting bullets on."

North Korea conducts public executions for theft, watching South Korea media: report

Drug Dealer Reports Theft Of His Cocaine

Man, 35, complained that car burglar stole cash, narcotics

Killjoy Cop Ruins Randy Florida Couple's X-Rated 3 AM Public Tryst

Even in Texas where it’s legal to shoot people fleeing with stolen property Home Depot has a policy of appeasement to thieves.

Home Depot Ousts 70-Year-Old Veteran For This DUMB Reason

Police subdue naked man, accidentally light him on fire

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

Narco Night Train Kindle Edition

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