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Sick World Updates

10 of the Richest People to Stand Trial for Murder

Drug War Update.

A very informative article on emergency first aid for opioid overdoses from Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training. Just in case you ever become overcome with compassion enough to cast aside your Darwinist sentiments and actually want to save the dope fiend in your life.


The Heroin Epidemic, Narcan, and First Aid for Opioid Overdoses

The Rise of the Machines Update.

Who does Elon Musk think he’s fooling? If he can get a government subsidy for it, HE will start building artificial intelligences.

Elon Musk Nightmare Looms: Army Seeks "Internet-Of-Battlefield Things" With "Self-Aware" Bot Swarms

It’s not her fault though, he asked her to do it.

Police: Poconos woman kills boyfriend after spat with reptilian cult,amp.html

“An Egyptian man stabbed the two German tourists to death and wounded at least four others on Friday at a popular seaside vacation spot on the Red Sea, officials and witnesses said.”

“The knifeman killed the two German women and wounded two other tourists at the Zahabia hotel in Hurghada, then swam to a neighboring beach to attack at least two more people at the Sunny Days El Palacio resort before being caught by staff and arrested, officials and security sources said. It was the first major attack on foreign tourists since a similar assault on the same resort more than a year ago, and comes as Egypt struggles to revive a tourism industry hurt by security threats and years of political upheaval.”

Berlin 'dismayed and furious' over murder of German women in Egypt

Slavery Update.

ISIS sickos sold captured women as sex slaves in Mosul reveals chilling ‘bill of sale’ document detailing their vital stats

17-year-old charged in road rage, assault, police say

James Soliman faces several charges

George A. Romero, Father of the Zombie Film, Dead at 77

NEW YORK (AP) — George Romero, whose classic “Night of the Living Dead” and other horror films turned zombie movies into social commentaries and who saw his flesh-devouring undead spawn countless imitators, remakes and homages, has died. He was 77.

A fence along the border between the United States and Mexico near Brownsville, Tex. The Department of Homeland Security has identified the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas as a priority area for a border wall. Credit Matthew Busch for The New York Times.

Engineers Begin Preparatory Work for Border Wall Construction

Man who killed stepdaughter contesting terms of divorce

Gregory Graf was convicted in 2014 of fatally shooting 33-year-old Jessica Padgett and recording video of himself abusing her corpse.

The wages of mudsharking.

South Carolina man charged after leaving girlfriend fatally wounded in wheelchair outside hospital

FILE - In this Dec. 5, 2012 file photo, Naeem Davis, faces a judge during his arraignment on murder charges in in the death of a New York city subway rider who was shoved onto the tracks. On Monday July 17, 2017, a jury acquitted Davis of killing a stranger by shoving him into the path of a New York City subway train that struck him minutes later. Davis, said he actied in self-defense and that Ki-Suck Han, 58, was the drunken instigator on a train platform near Times Square in December 2012. Davis said that after they accidentally bumped into each other, Han followed him down the platform, berated him with obscenities, grabbed his shoulder and hurled death threats. (New York Post/William C. Lopez via AP, Pool, File)

Man who pushed stranger in path of train acquitted of murder

Nope, it wasn’t ‘coyote brown’ color.

But hey, the vendor advertising the wig cap on Walmart’s web site is a 100% black owned company serving the needs and wants of black people. So it should be permissible for them to use ‘their word’ in the product description, right? Right!

Walmart apologizes for racial slur used in product description

Life in Dindustan. The couple that rapes together stays together.

Honeymooning Couple Allegedly Beats, Kidnaps, and Rapes Stranger, Then Gets Arrested for Nudity

A Florida couple celebrating their honeymoon who allegedly beat a woman unconscious, took her to a hotel room, and spent hours sexually molesting her was later arrested after walking naked into a convenience store and stealing food and soda, police said.

See Video.

‘My Surgeon Thinks It Was A Box Cutter,’ Man Slashed By Stranger In Times Square

Dindustan International news.

Good Samaritans allegedly carjacked after car crash in Toronto

Four-Time Serial Gun Felon Receives Lenient Sentence in Federal Court

The dirty little secret of criminal justice in the United States of America is that while there are a great many laws on the books, both at state and federal level, intended to impose lengthy prison sentences for the criminal misuse of firearms, they are seldom invoked or enforced. Especially not against oppressed minority offenders. The gun charges are usually the first ones dismissed during a court arraignment of a minority offender. Especially if there is a lengthy mandatory prison sentence connected with the offense. And if there is no mandatory sentence then inappropriately lenient sentences are often imposed by the Liberal judges presiding. Even for repeat offenders (as in this case). The conundrum that the Leftist powers-that-be that control America’s criminal justice system face is that they cannot figure out how to enforce gun laws without putting a lot of oppressed black people in prison. For example 52% of all the murders in America are committed by 4% of the population: black males from 17 to 49 years-old. Therefore most offenses involving the illegal possession and trafficking of firearms that come before the bench are committed by black males. These gun laws were intended to snare all sorts of white redneck criminals like the ‘KKK’ and the ‘Sons of Anarchy', but to the Leftist’s frustration and dismay it just didn’t work out that way. Even the laws prohibiting ‘straw man’ purchases (selling and delivering legally purchased firearms to a prohibited person) more often snare some urban dindu gangbanger’s girl friend, sister or grandmother rather than an evil white gun runner. Such straw purchases can be punished by sentences of up to 10 years in federal prison. Possession of firearms by a convicted felon can likewise by punished by a max sentence of 10 years in federal prison, not to mention the punishments imposed under the various states’ laws. But again that involves putting oppressed black people in prison, and the Leftist powers-that-be are just not going to do that (the fact that so many blacks end up in prison anyway in spite of the Leftist efforts to keep them out just goes to illustrate the depth and scope of black criminality). Therefore, in order to combat the ‘disparate impact’ of laws punishing illegal gun possession and trafficking on the black community, the Left will simply not enforce them and will instead continue to call for restrictions on the ownership of firearms by white people.

Four-Time Serial Gun Felon Sentenced in Federal Court

You know, I’m always saying that if the gun control agenda truly wanted to stop gun violence, they’d focus on harsher sentences for repeat offenders who show time and time again they have no respect for gun laws.

Prime example?


On Monday, July 17, 2017, the ATF released the following statement regarding a serial gun felon in the state of Alabama.

Acting United States Attorney Steve Butler of the Southern District of Alabama announced that Roosevelt Jones, 52, of Selma, was sentenced today in federal court on charges involving his illegal possession of a firearm.

Jones has three prior convictions for being a felon in possession of a firearm in federal court. Jones was serving concurrent terms of supervised release from his two most recent convictions of illegally possessing firearms when he was arrested on the event that resulted in the current prosecution.

Jones was stopped by a state trooper in Dallas County when he attempted to avoid a driver’s license checkpoint. The trooper noticed that he had a gun on the back seat of his vehicle and determined that Jones had criminal history.

Jones was indicted in February of 2017 on the charges in the current case, and he pled guilty to them in April of 2017.

A serial gun felon with three prior convictions of felon in possession of a firearm?! Can you even imagine what his sentence must have been?!

Not much, actually.

United States District Court Judge Kristi K. Dubose imposed a sentence of 21 months imprisonment, to be followed by a three year term of supervised release. She also revoked his concurrent terms of supervised release on the old cases and ordered a six-month term of imprisonment, to run concurrently with the sentence in the current case. The judge did not impose a fine, but ordered that Jones pay $100 in special assessments.

Less than two years in jail for proving time and time and time and time again that this convicted felon has no regard for gun laws.

As long as the federal courts refuse to impose harsher sentences for repeat offenders, criminals will continue to break gun laws.

It’s really as simple as that.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

Narco Night Train Kindle Edition

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Sam J.July 19, 2017 4:28 PM UTC

"...Man who pushed stranger in path of train acquitted of murder..."

There will be more and more of this where minorities refuse to convict their own who kill Whites. We need to segregate them from us and keep them in their own squalid territory or start doing the same thing ourselves. If we were allowed to retaliate then it would rapidly be seen by the minorities attacking us that this was not a wish choice.

As for them not convicting gun crimes. There used to be plenty of minorities in New York city but very little crime. Why? In New York if you got caught with committing a crime with a gun you got the death penalty. Immediately. Convicted and then put to death. Cut and dry. In those circumstances Blacks could only carry a knife and most likely any shopkeeper had a baseball bat and would use it on anyone robbing them and the cops would celebrate them doing so. You carried a gun around illegally you got a long sentence.