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‘The Bodies of Lower Sort Men’
Project Muse: An Excerpt

Some Ivory Tower Egg heads are actually looking into white slavery as a serious business.

Below is a sample of analysis from the project, which seems to have gathered weight due to the vast online traffic in ancestry searches.

“By describing runaways in terms of property, often alongside advertisements for livestock, and by caricaturing them in ways that degraded [Af]rican Americans, Irish, German, and native-born white Americans, masters defined, evaluated, and objectified their slaves and servants.4 Yet the advertisements and the descriptions they contain serve to illustrate that impoverished men and women who did not enjoy legal ownership of the labor of their bodies or even their very bodies, nonetheless strove to refashion and redefine their bodies, thereby reasserting control over them. More than anything else, runaway advertisements tell stories about battles over the bodies of lower sort men and women…”

Continue reading via the link below.

So Her Master May Have Her Again

A History of Runaway White Slaves in Plantation America: Part Two

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Sam J.July 20, 2017 4:22 PM UTC

My ancestors were servants(slaves) at one time from falling into debt. I know from looking up some genealogy stuff. They also owned slaves at one time so I guess I'm even on that regard.