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Hi, Mister Jimmy!
An Email from a Former Ghetto Grocer Employee

I heard your interview with Kevin.

You sure did "set the tone" with your talk. You did a great job! I loved hearing your stories. You are so fortunate to still be alive and I'm grateful that you are a skilled fighter. I guess that's the Irish coming out in you with your gift for weaving stories together. Kevin sometimes had trouble keeping up with you. It was so good to hear your voice. Yes, I know you know how to handle black women :) My one concern is that you keep giving clues to people as to where you live. Stop doing that - you need to protect your cave.

Take care,

BT Taneeka

I take it, Taneeka, that you are concerned with me letting people know that I live in an old plantation house on White Avenue in Hamilton. Never fear, my loyal girl, for now on, if anyone asks, or if the subject comes up, I live on Caucasian Avenue.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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