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Pissing on the South
By Fred Beare

As a Texan I am loyal, first of all, to Texas, the Lone Star State, then to that undemocratic globalist entity, the United States. I view with concern all ideological attacks on the South and recommend this great book by Southern patriots:

Thus, I can predict that the forthcoming TV series, “Confederate,” by the same dudes who gave us the “Games of Thrones” bullshit, will be another dump upon the South. This is set in an alternative history, where the Union does not exist, and the South still has slavery. Never mind that mad Abe Lincoln, perhaps driven insane by his insane wife, said that the war was about taxes, not slavery:

The politically correct cannot get beyond this, because it is such a good weapon to use against us, even though few White Southerners had slaves, and Northerners had slaves, and Blacks also had slaves:

and there were probably more White slaves in America:

Naturally, the mention of such a series has generated moral panic among the liberals, who, while expecting the South to be smashed again, and again, and again, must recognize that something must be said in the series to make some sense of the Southern characters. They cannot be KKKKKKKKKKKKers all day:

The bottom line is that traditional slavery, under modern capitalism, simply would not exist, because the system requires people to be WAGE slaves, for maximum consumption. Keeping slaves, outside of sexual slavery, which has a high market value, would be uneconomical. Hence, the series is based on delusional economics. Its point can only be to stir up trouble.

Why not make a series about Israel/Palestinian relations, perhaps with inter-ethnic sexual relations? Because this would inflame existing tensions. So, there is no reason to put out “Confederate.”

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