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All the Transgender News Fit to Print
By American Psycho

Trannies, that is people who still listen to transistor radios, will be overjoyed to hear that the International Olympic Committee has suspended gender testing for the 2018 Olympic Games. The suspension may be permanent. One can only hope:

Say goodbye to women’s sport. Then, when lawyers, in their infinite wisdom, allow robots to compete, on the grounds that the present system is “speciesism,” the next level in anti-racism, there will be no humans in sport, just as there will be, some technofucks predict, no humans in work, in way less than 20 years:

So, I am really hoping that the current war threats being made by China and India in the standoff over the Doklam/Donglang region, high in the Himalayas, amount to more than another McGregor vs Mayweather tussle. Beijing has said that it “doesn’t fear going to war” with India:

OK, get the fuck on with it!

The power elite are disappointed that the US and Russia are not at war, so maybe a Sino-Indian War number two may satisfy their blood lust after the McGregor/Mayweather bloodbath.

On bloodbaths, the Somali-born cop in Minneapolis, who gunned down Aussie blond Justine Ruszczyk, because she had a hard to type name, and who is on murder charges, had a record of complaints:

I am surprised that our Aussie contributors were not jumping up and down about this, but maybe they see Justine as having become an American, so being executed in the style that she was, goes with the gig here, doesn’t it? Just as well she was not walking her dog, then she may have ended up double dead:

John McCain? A brain tumor? But, doesn’t this presuppose having a brain?

To end on an erect note, how about this great chunk of phallus oppression, coming to objectify women:

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