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Suing the Pigs
Parental Jackpot Hunters Cashing in on Dead Daughter in Harm City

In Harm City, when a 15-year-old hoodrat throws a woman on the street, takes her SUV and leads police on a high-speed chase through the city, what happens?

Mamma hits the jackpot when her daughter gets run over and killed by the carjacker!

The family lawyer just came out with a civil suit naming every person and entity other than the carjacker in the nine-year-old girl’s death. Most importantly, the cop, who was guilty of the heinous crime of pursuing a violent felon is named personally in the suit.

So it goes, in the city of predatory martyrdom and criminal sacrifice.

This insanity, pioneered by the elite lawyer class as a way to siphon municipal taxes and personal earning into their ever-expanding coffers of legal graft, is coming to a suburb or midsized city near you.

Buckle up!

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