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Vibrancy on Our Diverse Streets
By William Rapier

I was walking down a somewhat dark side street, off the main shopping street of this city. Then lo and behold, the vibrant fellow in front of me decided to drop his daks and let loose with a volley of greenish diarrhoea. I instantly darted to the other side of the street, moving so quickly that I did not even get a whiff of its, no doubt, delicious aroma. I made a mental note, to walk on the opposite side of the street to the bowel movement par excellence upon my return.

On the way, back I did just that. The sidewalk had now been painted green, as the mass has run, thanks to gravity. Keep up the good work, gravity. I then saw a woman, probably some liberal type, well dressed, with a brief case, intently looking at her me-me-me-phone as she walked. And, predictably enough, she walked right into the sea of succulent greens, going ankle deep. I did not laugh at her because for all I know, this could be an offence.

I love living in a vibrant, diverse multicult.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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Lili HunJuly 24, 2017 10:40 AM UTC

Yeah, Baby!

Maybe she was an immigration lawyer who even helped this bumpkin into the country. That would be just rewards.