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My Name is Vagina—James Vagina
By American Psycho

First, we have the announcement that Dr Who, the British time travel show, that has been doing the rounds for a trillion years, because of its violation of the space-time continuum, is now going to have a woman Dr Who:

Here, I have to agree with the above article, that no self-respecting adult should be watching this bullshit in the first place. For a start, it is British, and I hate British movies. There is a real, stale putrid realism built into everything they produce. I just keep thinking about posh boys’ schools, where all sorts of sexual abuse occurs. Give me good old American violence, any day. It is wholesome, in a degenerate filthy kind of way. We did not fight the British just to receive their garbage. Oh, fuck, I forgot about Bond. Make one exception for 007 movies; I really like them, even if Daniel Craig gives me the shits.

What concerns me more is Chris Hemsworth, who plays the ultra-cucked, de-godded Thor, has said that he wants Charlize Theron, to play 007:“I think she could beat the shit out of me,” which says more about him than her.

I don’t like her name; it sounds as if “Charlie” was put in a blender. As for “Atomic Blonde” (2017), we can only hope that the coming nuclear holocaust saves us from the sequel.

Hemsworth was once a favorite to play Bond.

As Marvel has replaced the male Thor with a woman, how about making the change in the movies too? Have Hemsworth written out of the movie, by his character going transgender and having a sex change. Then it would be “time,” as dudes like him are replaced by women, and we, of course, no longer watch any of it, waiting for the system to implode of its own rottenness.

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