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Milking the Food Desert Myth
Baltimore Sinks 150K into Hiring 40 Student Diet Advisors to Convince Hoodrats to Buy Fruit and Vegetables

In a public relations TV stunt, on 7/18/17, various deluded liberal academics and Baltimore City officials set up fruit display racks with high antioxidant produce of the type that appeals to globalist hipsters, but which rot on the shelves in Baltimore City supermarkets in a bizarre attempt to convince the local, high-carb, food-stamp-dependent feed cattle of the welfare state to stop buying that they buy and buy what white people of the academic class buy.

Totally uncomprehending that most hoodrat mammas do their food shopping in discount grocery stores served by sedans, hacks, Uber, Lyft and cabs, the bleeding-heart liberals waxed apocalyptic about people walking 20 blocks to buy fresh produce, when no one over 18 walks more than five blocks for anything in west Baltimore.

The Latino man whose store was chosen for the photo op was thrilled to get free produce for his store, since most of it will have to be thrown out and what he could buy from specialty suppliers pushes him out of competition with the large operators that cannot display all of their stock, with employees behind bullet proof glass and hence must operate outside the Drug War Zone.

Rather than acknowledge that violence is so overwhelming in the ghetto that the most aggressive Hebrew-run retailers will not set up shop in these areas, and after watching 71 of these retailers looted, beaten and even killed, the liberal establishment still labels gang-run “no-go zones” as “food deserts,” implying that retailers refuse to service the needs of the health-food friendly as part of the racist wall of white privilege that hems in the ghetto heroines. However, careful attention to the subtext of even propaganda reveals the truth. A barely articulate young woman, dressed as if for Easter Sunday and smiling in good-natured edification, was introduced as the first of 40 Student Diet Advisors, whose task will be to convince ghettoites to change their eating habits from snack cakes and potato chips to avocados and pomegranate.

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Lili HunJuly 24, 2017 11:29 AM UTC


Do you even need to wonder what said student eats herself?!