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By Professor X

In Britain, people will be allowed to pick their own gender: “the transitioning process will be streamlined to remove bureaucracy”:

Good work on that one lads; get into the swing of things and have a production line going. What will you do next week though, to top that?

It is enough to make one grab a chainsaw, which contrary to the movies, would be readily locked up/jammed on clothing:

So, they are admitting that immigration may not make us all into billionaires and pave the streets with gold:

In fact, immigration is about destroying the ordinary people, who are already being destroyed by robots:

“Concerns” also raised by Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, but it is just pissing in the wind. Is that why my pants are always so wet, or is it my prostate, about to give up the ghost? Or, is it that female student who came to see me about her low grade and wondered how she could improve it?

Soros wants a mixed race Muslimized Europe, because, well, don’t ask why or you are a racist, and your penis will drop off:

Apparently, “Nasty Racist Alarmists” (NRA) are easily scared:

I need a holiday to a nice Mexican resort, where I know the kindly swarthy folk will look after me, while I drink unexamined drinks, leave my wallet and credit cards as exposed as my genitalia, while I play all day with their hookers:

Of course, Mexico is safe – are you some kinda racist or sumthin?


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