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Blackthorn Stick
Riley's Training Muse


I have started the shadow sticks exercise with my stick, and find it a nice prelude to assaulting the heavy bag. I do some saber Tai Chi as well. Been trying a bit more activity lately of the aggressive type. Railing around off road on a dirt bike has been a boon to the upper body, back and thigh strength. It is all feeling right to me.



The jig is truly up. I have carried this stick since the 90s, and found it good. I don't NEED a stick to walk, yet, but walk as though I do a bit when I have it, which is a sort of perverse workout with the odd muscle use. I have only used it to stop a dog, but it was welcome.

As for the jig and it's being up, I bought this wood stick from Cold Steel for around $100 and thought I'd pick up a spare. From what I could see Cold Steel now sells a plastic replica for $39 or something. I own several of their knives and a sword, but plastic sticks just seemed so lame.

This is not to claim I wouldn't respect being worked over with one, or shot with a plastic 9. It just saddens me for some stupid worn-out reason. Dog days.

I'm a good ol' Rebel, that's just what I am

And for this Yankee Union I don't give a damn

Well, I'm glad we fought 'em, only wish we could have won

And I don't need a pardon for anything I done.


I'm a Good Ol' Rebel

Just for the context...

Skulker Jones: A Tale of Dark Deviltry at the End of Caucasian Time

Skulker Jones is the sequel to A Hoodrat Halloween and an urban horror tale of a failed man looking for a final saving grace.

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Sam J.July 25, 2017 8:21 PM UTC

I thought that me and a roommate I lived with in the service were the only people who knew who Hoyt Axton was. I've got on...vinyl.
RileyJuly 25, 2017 3:39 PM UTC


Though I do have these Southern roots, I was driven West by the Cold Civil War. There are three of these Hawthorns out by the pet cemetery, gnarly tough little things my neighbor says might be 150 years old. One broke down during a Spring snow dump and I've been meaning to clear it out. Perhaps I should sharpen my saw first.

I'll keep an eye cocked for a likely blank. Thanks
IshmaelJuly 25, 2017 11:49 AM UTC

Riley, if you live in the western states, there is a hawthorn that grows along watered areas, I sent James a sample of one, they are are very tough hardwood, blacksmiths used this wood for forging when they couldn't get coal. Cut in winter when the sap is down, cure in dry ventilated space, they make great weapons, or canes.