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By Baruch


Rakka looks promising, with subversion between the lines. Neil Blomkamp is a real treasure-there’s nothing like having your country handed over to the ANC and turned into a trash dump, and becoming a refugee, to get you woke.

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Sam J.July 25, 2017 7:16 PM UTC

That was cool. I like Blomkamp. He works with, or did, with a group called Die Antwoord. I think he made this video. Look at the very first scene(it goes by fast). Now think a little about it. South Africa used to be a little 1950's America where it was modern but in that 1950's way. if I'm not mistaken the round building on the left used to be the hottest property in South Africa. High dollar apartments. It has a open circular interior. The Africans ran off the Whites and filled the the whole bottom five floors, may be higher now, with trash. To lazy to carry it outside. The video was made in response to Lady Gaga asking Die Antwoord to open for them in her concerts. Her response after seeing the video was ,"They must be racist". DA and Blomkamp don't talk about the Jews and South Africa but...they know. They know. SA is just a sped up version of the US if we allow the present policies to continue.