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‘Cops Protecting Thugs’
Advance Show Notes for Lynn Lockhart

As Lynn has warned this here antiquitous, cracked pot that she wishes to discuss my assertion that police protect the very hip hop criminals whom they appear to be arrayed against, I am providing her with notes in advance, arranged in conceptual and chronological order, which will hopefully prevent her much queried crockery from veering off course into a discussion of strippers…

Proximate Force versus Proxy Force:

Moral superiority of the gang over society, of barbarism over civilization, general discussion of Alexander, Vikings, Cortez

Suspension of Dread:

How low IQ disables fear as an inhibitor in large scale social settings.

Uncle Crush

Big Nate

Vance and I


Crazy Mark

The Pink Assault Rifle

Z-Man, Skittle and Michael Brown as chains of events expressing the suppression of proximate force via proxy force.

The BGF note

Thank you, Lynn.

Thriving in Bad Places Kindle Edition

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LynnJuly 25, 2017 12:29 PM UTC

Thank you!