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Killin' It!
Nearing 400, homicides in Chicago continue to outpace last year

Murderbowl Update. Is Chiraq on the verge of going the full 'Mad Max’?

“We see the elements of a complete breakdown of civil order brewing.”

1.Police: Organizational decay leading to incompetence.

2.Public fear of gangs dries up witnesses.

3.Gangs (the wolves) are dividing up the territory (the sheep) as opportunity beckons.

“The ongoing gang violence has pulled police resources away from the city's more affluent areas, creating an opportunity there for thugs from districts of the city populated by large numbers of youths who grew up without fathers. Gangs already openly gather for parties where the law is flouted, as police are so outmanned and outgunned that they give up and acknowledge a lawless territory within their purview. A precedent exists for far worse, if the vector continues.”

“The City of Chicago is poised on the slippery slope toward criminal anarchy, the likes of which we associate with Johannesburg, São Paulo, and other third-world megacities where personal safety cannot be assumed when in public.”

To compound the ills besetting Chi-town it can expect no help from county or state government since Illinois is broke.

Chicago violence is overwhelming police capabilities and spreading beyond gang strongholds

Murderbowl Update.

Crime doesn’t pay? Well it does appear to have a fairly good taxpayer funded medical care plan.

The bill for treating a gunshot wound: $21,000 for the first 35 minutes

Murderbowl Update.

July to Date

Shot & Killed: 55

Shot & Wounded: 281

Total Shot: 336

Total Homicides: 59

Year to Date

Shot & Killed: 369

Shot & Wounded: 1741

Total Shot: 2110

Total Homicides: 397

Nearing 400, homicides in Chicago continue to outpace last year

Scenes of violence around Chicago after 35 people were shot and six were killed over the weekend. July 24, 2017.

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Sam J.July 25, 2017 5:28 PM UTC

People pretend that nothing can be done about this but it's not true. The Great Western Permaculture Project where we use convicts to terrace and plant every square inch of the Western deserts and public housing where ALL these people are concentrated in buildings where they can be monitored would clear a large majority of the problem fairly quickly. They wouldn't like it but..fuck them.