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Doxing & Juking
Kevin & Kevin Discuss Metadata Models, Arkancide, Disaster Relief Fraud, Housing & Black Nazis at 30,000 Feet

Kevin and Kevin had to cancel a show because the guest opted out, after recording apparently, afraid of being doxed. The synaptic duo then turned this absurdity into opportunity. They should do one of these a week.

Living under the Lie includes eliminating the Medieval Warming Period from climate reporting, which amounts to the largest theft, supported by the most ambitious lie, in human history.

A Haitian official committed suicide after reporting on the Clinton Foundation…

The Canadian government is selling the nation out from under its people…

The crowning discussion is on conservative author, Ann Coulter, being bullied by black flight staff on Delta Airlines, an instructive taste of the blooming racial tyranny that will one day affect all Americans of the new wrong color.

Under the God of Things

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