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My Younger Self
An Old Soul’s Ascent from a Broken Home: Dust Cover

The man known as Nero the Pict, a moniker necessitated by his rearview commentary on the cruel city which tried to devour his soul and the corruptly codified media law that damns to economic ruin any who speak out against the social construct of which the Beast known as Baltimore is a sacral part, was born to a broken home. Like most boys of Generation X, he was deprived of the presence of a personal father in exchange for the blessings of a Social Mother, a “latch-key kid” as they were called before their atomized existence became the standard.

To make matters worse, the dictatress of his child life decreed that he would come of age in and around a city rent by race war and drug war in a decadent age where Man’s highest ambition is to be a currency whore. As inauspicious as his beginning, Nero’s path through life brought him into contact with many a soul more deeply wounded by their life in a dying city, at the nadir of an age, at the mercy of modernity. In describing his life in and escape from Harm City, the man called Nero exposes a treasure trove of crazy characters, exiled fathers, moral caricatures, evil savages and ultimately his coming together with another soul in the cause of escaping the city that had drawn them into its undead web.

My Younger Self is a myopic biography which places the world of its protagonist on trial, with the reader as the jury.

One Soul Under God: The Humorously Examined Life of Columbine Joe

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