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Cutie Homesteader
A Small Town Girl in Harm City, Dust Cover

Cutie Homesteader emerged from a small Pennsylvania town to attend of large, suburban Maryland university, with dreams of a career as an occupational therapist in a major metropolitan center, of living, working and socializing at the center of American gravity.

Fate saw her ambition in a different, darker light and drew her into a third-rate city in the later stages of a metastatic blight that had claimed many a calloused soul. Soon, living and working in medicine, in one of the most violent cities in the world, she found her way to a high end restaurant to relax and unload to the understanding fellow behind the bar, only to find out from him that she had not yet begun to glimpse the human rot that festered on the tarry bones of Baltimore.

In this literal companion volume to My Younger Self: Ascent from a Broken Home, the young lady whom the author interviewing her mate immediately named Cutie Homesteader, tells her tale of astonished disillusion as she peeled back the packaging on Modernity’s gift to her and discovered that her vision of a career of caring, compassion and healing under “the bright lights” of a city was instead an invitation to a Parade of the Damned.

Cutie Homesteader is the story of one reflective woman’s seduction by, life in and escape from Harm City.

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