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‘An Indented White Boy’
A White Boy Worth Six Cents in 1830

[Delaware Gazette and State Journal – Wilmington, Delaware, Friday January 29, 1830

Albert Ashby

6 Cents Reward

ABSCONDED from the Subscriber, living in Mill Creek hundred, New Castle county and state of Delaware, on the 5th of January inst., an indented white boy, [1] by the name of ALBERT ASHBY; between 19 and 20 years of age.

Any person taking up said runaway and securing him, or if brought home, shall receive the above reward, but no charges will be paid

All persons are forewarned not to harbor or employ said boy at their peril, as they will be dealt with as the law directs.

James Giffin. January 19-4p


As of 1804, the United States, as delineated in the Constitution, accepted no more white slave shipments from Europe. However, the Anglo-American addiction to selling and buying children and debt-enslaving men and women, kept the practice going in an even cruder form, with the value of white slaves now at less than 10% of their former standing under British rule.

1. Note the term, boy, used in 1830 to describe an unfree white man.

2. [Submitted to by Mary Kay Krogman]

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