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‘No One on the Street’
An Expatriate View of Northeast Baltimore, 1/24/17

Nero, my host for the Man Weekend, drove me into Northeast Baltimore on Monday and we decided on a brief tour of the blight. Nero is well-versed in urban blight and has a clear eye for the signs of muffled strife and he sent his impressions of his old Neighborhood of Parkville, which borders my city neighborhood of Hamilton across the City/County line. He was astonished by the lack of people and vehicles in an area that he was well familiar with. At least six times he expressed amazement at how few people were out and about, especially palefaces, a fact not wholly accounted for by the new vacancies and for sale signs, a fact that speaks of an unwillingness to go out of doors, even in the late morning.

Thanks for the mini tour of the NE. Damn shame that things are going the way they are. I wonder, when and or if the Harford/Belair Road corridor will get under the gentrification gun sites.

If so, will it stick?

Hamilton seems to be experiencing hiccups to put it mildly.

On my way back I stopped off and grabbed a pit beef sandwich up on Old Harford Road. Saw various packs of youths transiting in and out that were obviously on missions. Otherwise there was no one on the street and very little in the way of business being transacted at the pit beef stand or the liquor store. I don't think Parkville has gone vegan straight edged....Mind you this was around noon on a workday which makes it all the more interesting.

Have fun with the zombies and be safe dude,


Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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MescFranklinJuly 27, 2017 9:21 PM UTC

I will second that observation, if I could describe the main characteristic of Baltimore to anyone of your readers from other parts of the country it would be how relatively empty the streets are day and night.

There is an eerie and misleading sort of calm to the place.

Night, Dawn, Day of the Dindus...
Sam J.July 27, 2017 12:43 AM UTC

Dindus...the plague. Clears the streets.
Sam J.July 27, 2017 12:41 AM UTC

I was looking at old videos I saved. This is good one. About the early MMA and tracks one fighter. Here's a link I found. There's a few more not sure which is the best resolution. It's a great story. Watch what his Women does to him at the end.

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