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‘An Interest’
Not Our Fight! Varg on Migrants Raping Each Other

My favorite conspiracy theory to date is presented by the man who seems least interested in developing broad appeal than anyone on You Tube. I am not familiar with the “migrant-on-migrant” violence he cites. However, I have seen zero news on it. It is buried even deeper in the media than migrant-on-native European attacks.

Likewise, in the U.S., the only category of violence that is underreported more than black on white violence is black-on-black violence. If you take away the criminal-on-criminal violence in American cities like Baltimore, than what you find out is that most aggression is committed by black criminals against non-criminal blacks. But this does nothing to inflame racial hatred and sectarian conflict so there is no reason for the mainstream or alternative media to cover it.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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RobertLJuly 29, 2017 4:02 AM UTC

I'd disagree - the reason it's not reported on is because it harms the narrative of honor students who dindu nuffin which is endlessly pushed by the media. There's been a massive investment in the pretence that we are importing, if not doctors and engineers, at least men who can be trained in those roles (as well as human dildos for the catladies) rather than incompetant inbreds with hair triggers and an entitlement complex.

It would inflame racism amongst the right-thinking affluent classes who prefer to believe that the native stock are obsolete thugs.