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Wounded in the Soul Part
Episode 4 Crackpot Podcast James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart

Hello readers and listeners. Here is Episode 4 in four parts!

Part 1, Wounded in the Soul Part:

Happy Independence Day!

Congratulations on the interview with Kevin Michael Grace

A confidential interview with a reader

Independence Day and other holiday celebrations in Baltimore

Car-B-Qs coming to Baltimore?

West Virginia is worse than Hitler

Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (YouTube Movies link)


Part 2, Long, Sweeping Sideburns:

Family history

James' recollections of his ancestors

Mongrel USA

Grandma's hatred for the English

James the British general

Crime statistics

Part 3, I Could Knock Down Crowds of These Kids:

Hipster vs. Welfare lifestyle

Crime stats continued

Dodge City vs. Miami

James' violence project

More on crime stats

Racism by proxy

Part 4, Beautiful, Pasty Skin:

Racism by proxy, continued

Mohammed Ali

Justice Clarence Thomas

Eric Holder and the paperbag test

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LynnJuly 29, 2017 4:41 PM UTC

Thanks very much for your feedback, Sam J!
Sam J.July 28, 2017 4:21 PM UTC

I've seen Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Here's a nice video of the enlightened Jesco

Here's Jesco's Daddy. Good video.

And for the Hell of it.Jesco and Hank III

I know a guy who played warm up band for Hank III. He told me that Hanks manager said(something like),"I'm going to introduce you but he might not make much sense he's been up for three days".

Wow what a view on Muhammad Ali. Interesting.

My view on Blacks is every time I mixed it up with a Black my size I would fuck them up but most of time Blacks have attacked me or tried to intimidate me it's ALWAYS been two or more or someone WAY bigger then me.