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Running in Armor
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Obstacle Run in Medieval Armour

Interesting. It goes to show that the late Medieval and Renaissance warriors in plate armor were not as encumbered, unbalanced and immobile as we are commonly lead to believe. Plus modern soldiers and first responders are just as burdened by their panoply as the knights of old, if not more so.

Of course steel plate armor that was thick enough to reliably stop bullets WOULD be too heavy to wear. Plus armor is hot, heavy and expensive under the best of circumstances, which is why steel body armor was gradually discarded as firearms became more widespread and effective. Even today the body armor that provides protection against high velocity bullets is heavy and can be hot, awkward and exhausting to wear.

Obstacle Run in Armour - a short film by Daniel Jaquet

A firefighter and a soldier in full gear bear the same load as a medieval armoured fighter. Which one will perform best on the run?"

Displayed in the exhibition "Armatus Corpus" (Military Museum, Castle of Morges, Switzerland - October-November 2016)

A Well of Heroes: Two:

Literary Impressions of the Prose and Verse of Robert E. Howard

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