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Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)
From Varg But Reminescent of Lafond's Book Title "Let the Weak Fall"

Varg's best video, according to the Khan.

I found this relevant to those of age to still reproduce. Varg said it's not easy to find a thinking woman who hasn't bought into the feminist BS, but they are out there, and that it wasn't meant to be easy. First, it seems, a man has to make sure his masculine house is in order. Those who don't / can't / aren't strong in their masculinity should fall by the genetic wayside in his opinion, as well as the women who can't fight the feminist brainwashing. As an aside, from viewing one of his clips on education, also position yourself so that your children can be homeschooled (link below).

Yesterday, I met a professional woman, the high-functioning type in her field, who was actually dreaming of a homestead with her husband and children in the South, becoming self-sufficient. She was not PC, and we spoke of some things in hushed tones. This obviously surprised me, since she seemed well-ensconced in the system. However, I think this proves that all those who are well-ensconced in the system don't necessarily want to stay there, adding credence to Varg's opinion that they're not easy to find, but they are out there.

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PRJuly 29, 2017 5:38 PM UTC

Sam's right. This is basically my wife and I.

We are ensconced in the system because it pays well but my wife increasingly watches homeschool/homesteading videos. I think this is because of what Sam said: it feels like we're the only ones trying to breed and raise children. The rest are waiting until sometime in their late 30s to have .9 children or are having them at 16 with a sperm donor and the support of the guvmint.

Corporations are filled with global girls and nonaggressive men. From what I've seen, they have few children. The pay at corporations can be good and, if you're frugal, you can save a lot and eject from the system at some point. The system will eject you at some point anyways.

Basically all men have to do to be reproductively successful is get a job, learn how to be violent, and learn how to talk to women. You're on the right site to learn how to be violent. "The Female Brain" is a great resource to learn how to talk to women.
Sam J.July 28, 2017 12:09 AM UTC

There's going to be a huge bottleneck in the mental makeup of people breeding now. You'll have lots of Negros which seem to breed no matter what next to starvation and people who really want kids. The Global girls and nonagressive Men will go away.