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‘From the Mouth of God’
John White’s Planter’s Plea, pages 6-16

The author devotes these pages for the making of the case that God blessed man with the ability to populate “wast and voyd places” and then punishes man with “pestilence and warre” when he takes his “ease” and lives in “comfort” instead of colonizing the empty, godless realms of the world.

Page 6

Psalm 2.8 is cited and paraphrased:

“…Christ Jesus takes in the nations for his inheritance, and the ends of the earth for his possession.”

Page 10

Referring to the first five pages, [discussed here: ‘Of Replentishing Wast And Voyd Countries’ ] the author states that man’s duty to colonize the world has the weight of God's own word and goes on to frame this divine will:

“…subduing Satan is a more glorious act, then a victory over men: and the enlargement of Christ’s Kingdome, then the adding unto mens dominions: and the saving of mens souls, then the provisions for their lives and bodies.”

In other words, Christians should abandon their internecine wars in Europe and enlarge Christ’s Kindome, at whatever cost in suffering and death on the part of the colonists necessary to clear cut the satanic forests and convert the Indians. It is clear that an Indian's soul is more important than an Englishman's body. the Indians are not to be killed, but converted, assimilated.

Page 12

Citing Mathew 24, 27, the author points out that Christianity spread from east to west just as the light of the sun spreads from east to west and that it is therefore divinely ordained that the “West Indies” be colonized, “…to express the sudden shining out of the Gospel…”

The fact that the sun and the Gospel are so intertwined in White’s conceptualization of Christian progress is one element that did resonate with some Native American converts and aided Cortez with his deception of the Aztecs 110 years earlier.

The intervening pages demonstrate that God has established a purposeful world order, with, for instance, overpopulation, disease and starvation seen as punishment for not colonizing and also providing the free manpower necessary to colonize.

Page 16

The author concludes his messianic argument for mercantile settlement of New England [conceived of as part of the West Indies in his time]:

“…the Jewes conversion is neare, and that the Gentiles, and consequently the Indians must needs be gathered before that day: and any man may make the conclusion that this is the houre for the worke…the opening of the eyes of those poore ignorant souls, and discovering unto them the glorious mystery of Jesus Christ.”

Ironically, Indians would have to be bribed with guns and steel to do the slave-catching and killing which enabled this work, as their managed woodland and riverine economy provided a diet so superior to the grass-based diet of the colonists, and a hunting lifestyle so conducive to effective war fighting, that odds of 30-to-1 would be required to get off the coast and 100-to-1 to get over the distant mountains and take the interior watersheds of the Cumberland and Ohio, a 200 year series of wars that saw Indians and palefaces fighting on both sides from beginning to end.

Next White makes the case for why England was the State for the job. Interestingly, White greatly preferred the term "state" over nation, an early globalist to be sure.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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