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Mennonite Virtuesignalville
White Guilt Flowers Bloom in Lancaster Pennsylvania

As Nero the Pict drove me around Lancaster County in Southern Pennsylvania for a tour of the place where so many white slaves were on the run in the 1700s, I noticed numerous tri-colored signs printed in English and two other languages to a side, posted on lawns via light wire stake-legs:

“No matter where you are from, we are glad to have you as our neighbor.”

Then, when using the ATM at a farm store, owned by PNCBank, I was confronted not with the choice of conducting my remote business in Spanish or English, but in one of ten languages!

I put these observations together with my trip through Delaware, PA and Jersey to New York, during which I noticed numerous churches flying signs for refugee resettlement and asked a few questions of my host as we pulled up into a gas station where mankind was present in teeming variety, a veritable mystery meat convention and Nero filled me in on the back country invasion of refugees and also the fact that criminal elements from Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York are being aggressively resettled in rural Pennsylvania, which gets me to wondering about the recent election, in which the populist president was elected, in large part, by taking Pennsylvania by a close margin. Might there be a political logic to this resettlement?

From Nero and his Christian allies in Pennsylvania I discovered:

The Giant Food Store parking lot outside of Lancaster, PA is a major drug transshipment center.

Paleface women have been abducted, raped and butchered in their homes by teens of color.

Open gunfights have erupted in the small slices of such towns that resemble Baltimore’s brownstone ghetto.

There are square dancing benefits held to raise money for refugee resettlement.

Mennonites [Christian pacifists] are active in seeking agricultural employment for refugees and have expressed a desire to buy the houses soon to be vacated by the aging paleface population for the resettlement of Middle Eastern and African refugees.

As Nero opined, “This is what happens when white people aren’t scared anymore: earth shoes and yoga mats, ‘Everybody is like us.’”

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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