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The Good Pig
A Drug War Anecdote from Harm City

All I am willing to divulge about this cop is that he does not live in Baltimore City, where he is currently employed as a patrol officer on the BPD.

This police officer made a routine traffic stop and lo and behold, there was a brick of heroin sitting on the passenger seat.

The driver was arrested and processed into Central Booking.

The car was taken into the impound lot without touching anything inside. This conscientious cop did not want to handle the evidence until the paperwork was filled out. He wanted this charge to stick, to hold up in court, had to cross all the Ts and dot all of the I’s, did not want to be accused of planting evidence.

In two hours or less, Officer Conscientious, returned to the desk sergeant at the impound lot so that he could process the evidence in the car.

The desk sergeant informed him, with a straight face, that the owner had signed out the car.

This cop was still angry about this when he told the story.

If the owner was a person other than the driver was not made clear in the telling of this tale, although it seems likely based on the time it takes to process an arrestee at Central Booking.

The big question is, who took the brick of heroin, the desk sergeant or the owner?

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