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'Sedation of the American People'
How fentanyl is making the opioid epidemic even worse

An interesting topic about large scale sedation of the American people.

Big Ron

"Waves of progressive drug use?"

Now I understand progressive politics.

This short video does a clear and concise job of the what, but leaves out the how and the why and ends up whimpering to the left. Of these why is the most important root question and the answer to that question is that the only way to defeat the rural paleface, the last block of Americans with actual political will, is to turn him into a junky.

My family has lost two men [cousins] to heroin addiction, or 10%.

Ron grew up in the neighborhood where I live, and can only name two men his age out of dozens who did not become a junky. Now that the palefaces in the cities have been decimated by drugs, and the suburban palefaces flock to addiction like moths to a flame, the key to gaining absolute moral lockdown of the American people is to replace God and the long Gun with the needle and the spoon.

Narco Night Train Kindle Edition

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BingoJuly 31, 2017 7:02 PM UTC

@LaMano in those rare occasions a junkie recovers from his addiction, he's got to change everything about himself and his world view if he is to stay sober. I have yet to meet a man with quality long term sobriety who chose to double down on pantsuit pillow biting victimhood and artificial highs.

The addicts who come to long term sobriety tend to toughen the fuck up, keep their side of the street clean, and dump the girlie social issues feelings stuff.
LaManoJuly 28, 2017 9:14 PM UTC

I've had a lot of painful things happen to me, but have never taken a narcotic or "opiate" painkiller.

I've been put under by an anesthesiologist during an operation, with a drip in my arm, but that's it. Wake up afterward and forget it.

Blaming anyone but YOURSELF for swallowing pills daily or sticking a needle in your arm is bullshit. You want to kill the pain and take the risk of turning into a retarded chimpanzee, you go ahead and take the risk if you want. Don't blame the doctor, don't blame the culture, don't blame society.

You get addicted, you overdose, you die, well, that's what happens, just like playing Russian roulette. Except with an automatic.

I read JL's blog because it's about self-reliance and learning how to be as tough as you need to be in this tough world we live in. Dying as an addict of a drug overdose because you want to artificially "feel good" is not a man's way out.
BingoJuly 28, 2017 7:56 PM UTC

The one upside is that the ones who truly sober up tend to be far more reactionary/conservative/realist than never addicts. Maybe this only produces one man out of a thousand, but it produces men.

More insidious is the marijuana promotion continuing by leftists. The drug renders numerous alleged homo sapiens little more than filthy flunkies for the International Pantsuit Party.
IshmaelJuly 28, 2017 4:58 PM UTC

When I had my broken vertebrae fused, and a titanium cage installed to support the fusion, they gave me fentanyl patches, my wife would place them on my shoulder, with rubber gloves, to not contact the drug,., after 3 days she would put new one on, because of grandchildren we had to dispose of used patch carefully, pharmacist warned us that there was enough dope in them to kill a kid, if they chewed on them. I hope never to use this stuff again, lost 3 weeks of my mind, not knowing where, who, what, was happening around me.