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'Not the Saxophone'
Hunting Paleface Minstrels

Last night, 7/26/17, Niki's friend called her up and was too loopy from her concussion to tell her what bar she was playing sax at, just that it was on Eastern Avenue.

This young lady stepped outside to get something out of her car, parked on the street in front of the venue, her sax still slung from the shoulder strap. As she opened her car door three hoodrats began punching her. Her head was rocking so bad from the punches that she couldn't scream for help or get into the car. As she was overwhelmed and her purse and smartphone and keys were taken, she wrapped both arms around the sax and begged for them not to take it, that it was her grandmother's saxophone.

The hoodrats then sped off in her car and left her bruised, scraped and concussed.

Niki said she saw a news report that claimed three juveniles attacked her friend, but neglected to inform he public that the attackers were in fact Yomish Dindus.

The Hunt for Whitey

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