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White Cargo Reviewed at American Thinker 
The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America

James, once again you are on the cutting edge of societal evolution. Awareness of history of white slavery in Colonial (plantation) America is going more mainstream. At least such awareness is expanding in the conservative/ Alt-right  blogosphere. Which is where the real news is these days. Enjoy!


The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America

July 28, 2017

By Janet Levy

Slavery in America, typically associated with blacks from Africa, was an enterprise that began with the shipping of more than 300,000 white Britons to the colonies.  This little known history is fascinatingly recounted in White Cargo (New York University Press, 2007).  Drawing on letters, diaries, ship manifests, court documents, and government archives, authors Don Jordan and Michael Walsh detail how thousands of whites endured the hardships of tobacco farming and lived and died in bondage in the New World. 

Following the cultivation in 1613 of an acceptable tobacco crop in Virginia, the need for labor accelerated.  Slavery was viewed as the cheapest and most expedient way of providing the necessary work force.  Due to harsh working conditions, beatings, starvation, and disease, survival rates for slaves rarely exceeded two years.  Thus, the high level of demand was sustained by a continuous flow of white slaves from England, Ireland, and Scotland from 1618 to 1775, who were imported to serve America's colonial masters.

Note: in 1617, white boys were already being weighed on scales against the tobacco used to purchase them. The British government moved to enable mass deportation in 1618, in 1619 20 blacks were sold to over 5,000 whites, and three years later the local Indian tribes—heavily stocked with runaway white slaves, almost wiped out the Virginia colony. this was the first mixed-race class war of the modern age and it is buried beneath a layer of lies and a veil of silence.

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But before you do, what happened in 1676?

That's right, the biggest white slave uprising since Spartacus, with most of the blacks and all of the Indians fighting on the side of the slave masters.

Might this have had something to do with the huge influx of 5,000-plus blacks a year, where previously as few as 20 a year might be bought by the rich as house slaves?


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