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Hand to Hand Combat News by Jeremy Bentham

“An Army is a collection of armed men obliged to obey one man. Every change in the rules which impairs the principle weakens the army.”

– LTG William Tecumseh Sherman

"You can be killed just as dead in an unjustified war as you can in one protecting your own home."

— Will Rogers  

  In spite of God-Emperor Trump’ s Twitter Tweet against transgenders serving in the U.S. Military, nothing has changed. Not to put too fine a point on it, but a Twitter Tweet is not an executive order or a federal law, so the Department of Defense (DOD) leadership is as yet neither empowered nor compelled to act on transgender policy (much as some of them might like to, but also keep in mind the even the DOD is full of Leftist ideologues who can be counted on to endeavor to sabotage any policy initiative they don’t agree with).  One wonders what the God-Emperors’ game is with this spontaneous declaration? Certainly it has gotten the Left all spun up and as such has very effectively distracted public attention from all the derogatory fake news about his Administration. Not to mention the fact that standing up to the Leftist grievance mongers who want to turn society upside down by normalizing insane behavior gets his conservative base behind him. A major reason Trump’s base voted for him is because, regardless of his bombastic speech and ostentatious manners that some find distasteful, he is the only Republican politician who possesses the moral courage to publically stand up to the Globo-Homo multicultural bullies. We need this man, he fights!


 Now there are practical reasons for excluding transgenders from military service. First of all is the fact that they are mentally ill, delusional, believing in something that is manifestly not true, cannot be true. You were born the way you were born regardless of whether you believe you should have come out differently: taller, better looking, smarter, with different color eyes or a different gender. As a consequence of their delusional thinking transgenders are prone to suicidal depression. Not the type of fragile psyche you’d want beside you in dangerous volatile and stressful situations (In fact one of the most stressful things about being in a war zone is having to deal with so many otherwise normal people who are stressed out each and every day). Secondly  transgenders require expensive hormone treatments and surgery in order to physically transition to the general appearance of their chosen gender, which apparently the U.S. Military now ‘owes' them if they are to be allowed to serve. Clearly getting their expensive treatments paid for by the government is a major motivation for why any number of transgenders seek to serve in an otherwise demanding and socially unreceptive work place as the military, as well the belief that military service will normalize and even ennoble their condition in the eyes of the general public. If transgenders are indeed 0.3 percent of the U.S. population, as is estimated, that means there could be as many as 4500 transgenders among the roughly 1.5 million personnel serving in the active components of the U.S. Armed forces. It has been estimated then that it will cost the taxpayers 1.5 billion dollars over a decade’s time providing the transitional medical treatment for these transgender military personnel (although the Left asserts that said cost will be minuscule, naturally). Now keep in mind that 1.5 billion dollars is more than what it costs the government to keep 10,000 American soldiers on active duty for a year (about 1.1 billion dollars in pay, benefits, uniforms, equipment and infrastructure costs) whether they are doing anything or not. It does beg the question of what would the one and a half billion spent on changing people’s genders do to increase or even just maintain the combat power of the Armed Forces? As impertinent as it might be to ask such a question and risk impugning the military efficiency, patriotism, courage and fighting prowess of the transgender citizens of our Republic. Is it worth it?


  The irony is that the military in general and the Army in particular rejects all kinds of quality recruits for having minor infirmities that the Service doctors (often civilian contract doctors working at the Military Entrance Processing Station [MEPS]) determine could too easily turn into a major medical issue that will render the recruit unable to complete training and/or serve in combat and will furthermore risk incurring excessive costs on the government for medical treatment and disability pensions. One example of these conditions is a diagnosis of asthma from age 12 on. This disqualifies even many Olympic athletes, including sprinters like Jackie Joiner Kersey and Florence Griffith Joiner (Flojo), from military service. Another minor condition that is disqualifying is a Mitral Valve Prolapse: a leaky heart valve that can create an audible ‘heart mummer' that can be heard through a stethoscope. Often though such a condition will go undetected and will cause no problems whatsoever. Nevertheless the Army doctors believe it could lead to heart failure if the recruit is subjected to physical stress, so out you go. What is even more ironic is that conditions that are/were disqualifying under Army Regulation AR 40-501 (Standards of Medical Fitness) were having an undescended testicle (it kept Bruce Lee out of the U.S. Army. Really, he was a physical wreck, bad eyesight too) and having no testicles at all for a male. My how times have changed! Last but not least many behavioral issues like having attempted suicide and /or being delusional and believing you are someone you are not  disqualifies you from military service under the regulations. Again, up until now.


The U.S. Army is already concerned that about ten percent of its soldiers on active duty are non-deployable because of medical problems.

SMA Dailey: Non-deployable Soldiers No.1 problem. Apparently though that concern doesn’t include transgender soldiers who would presumably have to be stationed someplace where they could receive their transitional treatments for an indeterminate period of time. Even after having reassignment surgery and completely transitioning they would still need access to their hormone therapy while deployed overseas in order to maintain the appearance and secondary sexual characteristics of their new gender. On a positive note male soldiers who fail to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) could be given the option of identifying as female so they could pass the APFT under the female standards and be considered fully ready for deployment to the war zone. Sort of like teeing off on the women’s tees to improve your golf score.


Finally the Military historically rejected  recruits who had attributes or characteristics that the average person in society generally found so objectionable that the said recruit would have trouble socializing normally with other service members. In the past homosexuals and transgenders/ cross dressers were included in this category. The presence was a disruptive influence , ‘prejudicial to good order and discipline’ as they say, more trouble than they were worth. Today the military still rejects prospective recruits on that basis except that they have changed the criteria for rejection. Now homosexuals and transgenders are accepted, but individuals with “white power” tattoos like swastikas, Confederate flags and similar symbols are rejected for military service. Their presence would be a disruptive influence because the very sight of them would ‘make the black kids angry’ and there would be fights everywhere they went. So regardless of any positive qualities such prospects might posses the military wants nothing to do with them. Gays and transgenders, OK; Nazi’s, Confederates and white nationalists, not OK.


  Of course in the final analysis none of this means anything anymore, especially not to the Left who reflexively seeks to undermine the military by forcing people with visible behavioral disorders that are liable to be disruptive influence as much because they dislike the military personally as for any other reason. They enjoy the idea that they are discomfiting the old white man traditionalists who still make up a majority of the U.S. Military’s leadership. Plus the reality is that the most direct threat to our freedom and security in America comes from domestic forces and factions. To date no invading army of a sovereign nation has driven Americans out of their homes as effectively and completely as domestic minority criminals have. Thus the ability of our Armed Forces to project power overseas seems superfluous at this point.  Our political leadership lacks the will to win a conflict in any event and our country faces dissolution due to economic, political, social and demographic instability. Better to let the Globo-Homo elites wreck the U.S. military with their foolish policies, before they can use it against us.


Army's Top Leader Sees No Clear Policy on Transgender Troops



Civil War Update.


We’re already in a cold civil war, or a low intensity conflict (LIC) if you prefer. A regime of Anarcho-Tyranny. Are the Leftists preparing to escalate and go hot? And against whom exactly? The particular group mentioned in the article says they are ‘anti-racist' which in practice means they are opposed to white people who don’t act ashamed of being white. It sounds ominous, but can this current crop of Communist revolutionaries do more than talk a good game? Can they be urban guerrillas without police protection?


This reminds me of the campus radicals back during the Vietnam War. They were all ready to rise up and revolt and had all their plans on how they would punish the class enemies when they took over. But then Kent State happened and it took all the starch out of them. Oh well, as Mao Ze Dong himself said, a revolution isn’t a garden party. 

Four dead in Oh-Hi-Oh…



Far Left Militia Training For Guerrilla Warfare Using ‘Sabotage, Kidnapping, Executions, and Terrorism’

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BladeSports International World Champion – James Clifton

Impressive and well choreographed hand to hand combat demonstrations by Russian Spetsnaz soldiers and Russian Naval Infantry. Enjoy!


From Your Quora Digest ·


Why is hand to hand combat not valued by the military?


Stepan Serdyuk

Answered Apr 26 · Upvoted by Vadim Mikhnevych, Former Driver-Electrician in the Air Forces and David Chan, black belt Shotokan karate, learning Krav and MMA


There is a Russian joke about the subject, that for a soldier to apply the knowledge of unarmed combat on the battlefield:

He needs to lose his unit.

He needs to lose his firearm.

He needs to lose his knife.

He needs to lose his spade, his belt, his armour, his helmet, and everything else he could use as a makeshift weapon.

He needs to find himself on a plain open area without any rock, wooden stick, metal shard or anything alike.

He needs to meet there another useless idiot like himself.

And only after all these conditions are met they can finally engage in a fair and square hand-to-hand.


Ironically, the joke was invented and is often told by Russian Special Forces, who actually do train pretty hard for melee.
  Spetsnaz - Hand To Hand Combat Demonstration.  Russian Marines - Hand To Hand Combat

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