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'Touch My Fur!'
What is RACE? (ft. Kyra!) - Privilege: QUEER KID STUFF #23

Now this is entertainment, hilarious!

-Mescaline Franklin

Thank you, Mescaline Franklin!

You know, Teddy, the Teddy Bear is a metaphor for the caged, masculine soul, held hostage by the guilty, white feminist establishment which is the managerial class of his sick hive.

Teddy is so cool, I want to teach him to stick-fight, to box, to body-type negro bucks according to the laws of imminent contact, to mack bitches—starting with turning these two lesbos into a vanilla Oreo love cookie—to have him deliver pizza with Big Ron.

Teddy has potential!

Notice what is stitched onto Teddy's jersey, "aks" as in "dis lille nigga wanna know!"

Let's start a go fund me to free Teddy from Rugmunch-a-room...

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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