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Politically Correct Science-Fiction as Art for Life Imitation

I’m willing to bet that dindu gunslangers will begin firing with the sweeping sideways motion at 0:04 and 2:14. Which should reduce the body counts in Chicongo and Bodymore…



Shep, that two actors with such talent and presence should be employed in this towering travesty of white guilt and black martyrdom is astounding, a sure sign of the currency-worshipping End Time.

The black lead recently played a realistic role in a movie available on Netflix titled, Beasts of no Nation, about African child soldiers.

I like Mathew M. as the White Devil—sorry, "worse" than the Devil.

What we should not miss here is the continuing evidence that no literary mind has done more to erode the postmodern Soul, and take white men and black men further from their true heritage—and further apart—than Stephan King, possibly the most powerful moral carpetbagger of all time, with better command of metaphor than Paul and a sense for The Fall to rival the very Serpent, biblically credited with precipitating the first wasteland of the collective human soul.

I believe that Stephan King is the most important American of the 20th Century, having used his considerable talents to implant the deep moral sense in the American Mind, that all that is most evil walks in the guise of those men who have done more to slay mankind's various monsters than the rest of the human race combined.

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ShepJuly 31, 2017 9:46 PM UTC

Yeah, King's attitude has always gotten under my skin. Whenever there's a Big Baddie in his books, it's always a stale, pale male, and True Evil always lurks in traditional Middle American communities.

It seems incongruous to me that Idris Elba got this role, because the books seemed to position the Gunslinger as Clint's Man With No Name from the '60's. It's not as big a mis-casting as Heimdall, however! I guess this guy likes to make a career out of "cultural appropriation".

If Hollyweird wants an authentic black action hero, they should buy the rights to "Poet."