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The Pig-Ice are Our Friends!
By Fred Beare

The latest US police horror story was recently mentioned at this great LaFondian site, and I am motivated to throw some shit in, because, please don’t tell anyone, but I can’t work out why I can’t post comments, [1] I click on the box, sometimes for eight hours, and nothing happens:

What I find odd about the story is that the wife who had the blood nose could have, and should have, been screaming “THIS IS NOT, NOT, NOT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. I HAVE A STRESS NOSE BLEED.I AM NOT MENSTRUATING. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? HELP MY HUSBAND!” And if the police arrived, she should have repeated this statement and said: “IF YOU CONTINUE TO ACT IN THIS WAY YOU WILL BE SUED, AND THIS WILL BE THE NEXT POLICE BRUTALITY INCIDENT.”

Then, instead of breaking the husband’s back, the cops would just break her back. Problem solved. Easy.


Fuck, I had just finished writing this in the community center, when a security guard picked on me, and decided to ask for ID. Under what Act and section are you empowered to require this, sir, since you are not a police officer? And, if you have some belief that an offence on these premises has been committed, and you are wrong, I intend to sue the library, and guess whose job will go in the next round of budget cuts. The gay guard in blue, when walked off. I did not bother raising with him the issue about the Muslim guys in the row in front of me, who were watching in Arabic, jihadist videos. The problem today is with pale faces who read James LaFond.

Comment Notes by LaFond

1. Fred, two other readers have been having trouble posting comments of late. I, also, have suffered incredible difficulty accessing my own e-mail. Lynn has even discovered that someone is presetting Google accounts for my name. There is something going on which my ape brain does not comprehend.

As for comments, only eight have been deleted from our back end in seven years, with five of them over the past month, dealing exclusively with what Hitler would have called "gross" criticism of those who Ulric Kerensky describes as "the usual suspects," and one comment from Manny that my slave girl editor deleted in a huff when he mentioned that he and I might meet up and "get some pussy." The eighth one was from a girl I dated in 2013 who discussed my sexual prowess.

Every time I log onto this site I click approve all for comemnts, without a read. Lili then checks the comments and lets me know if there are questions posted I should address. But I am convinced that the NSA and Google [at least] have full access to my various online accounts.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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Sam J.July 30, 2017 4:46 PM UTC

"...What I find odd about the story is that the wife who had the blood nose could have, and should have, been screaming “THIS IS NOT, NOT, NOT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE,,,"

If I understood what I read correctly they moved her to another room or location in the house so she wasn't directly present when this happened.