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Sperm Countdown
By William Rapier

Western sperm counts are crashing, and if the decline continues at this rate, Western people will be extinct in maybe a generation or two:

The short of the short here is that a halving of sperm counts occurred in only 40 years. Now, when this is mentioned, someone in class will always proudly proclaim that Israel is different and will survive. Well, no it is not:

The crash of sperm is a problem in China and Japan as well:

This problem had led to gloating Muslims saying things like this:

“The head of the Halal Certification Authority says Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them to “keep them surrounded by Muslim babies”, declaring that the “white race will be extinct” in 40 years.

Mohamed Elmouelhy made the comments on Facebook in response to a study by researchers from the Hebrew University, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update, which found declining fertility rates among men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

“According to the Hebrew University, Australian men [sic] sperm count has declined by 52 per cent over the last 40 years so your men are a dying breed, Australian women need us to fertilise them and keep them surrounded by Muslim babies while beer swilling, cigarette smoking, drug injecting can only dream of what Muslim men are capable of,” Mr Elmouelhy wrote in a Facebook comment, which was first reported by The Daily Mail and has since been deleted.

“If the country is left to the bigots the white race will be extinct in another 40 years. Muslims have a duty to make your women happy because you are declining, better go chose [sic] a plot for yourself at your local cemetery. If you can’t afford it, commit suicide it is a cheaper alternative for bigots.”

Gee, just as well the White male population really is as cucked as he says. Imagine if he wandered into ancient Sparta via time travel and said the same:

Actually, irrespective of sperm issues, the Muslim world is also set to have a population crash, due to, surprise, surprise, women’s advancement, and the decline in the Muslim birth rate is actually faster than anywhere else, even the West:

Irony, sweet irony.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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