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The Inspiration for Why Men Drink!
The Reader Email That Convinced the Author to Publish His Slave Girl Soliloquy as a Masculine Instructional

I have eleven of your print books so far. I was just quoting "Of Lions and Men" to my 21 year old son and my wife says "Enough with the James LaFond stuff already."

I thought you'd get a kick out of that. I like the podcasts with Lynn also.


Thanks, Dan

After forwarding my apologies to Dan’s aggrieved property, I was inspired to publish the monologue which served to chastise my own hand warmer at Why Men Drink

And what print books does Dan own, from what well of testosteronic edification does he draw his bucket for drowning feminist thought babies?

Of Lions and Men

Reverent Chandler

Taboo You

The Hunt for Whitey

Thriving in Bad Places…

But we don’t give away all of a patriarch’s wife wrangling secrets at, so will let the man keep the rest of his inspirational arsenal under wraps, shelved neatly together, I might add.

Of Lions and Men

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LaManoJuly 30, 2017 4:02 PM UTC

I got some sad news for the proponents of ingestion of ethanol for various beneficial purposes.

1) Drinking doesn't make you more sparkling, more intelligent, or more sociable. It makes you THINK you are by lowering your IQ (temporarily) well below the Somalian average. Think for a minute about why you'd really really like to do THAT to yourself. You KNOW what the average Mogadinduan is like, how they think, how they act - is that a reasonable model for your OWN behavior?

2) There's a reason for the saying "There's nothing worse than a drunk when I'm not drunk". "High", "Tight", "Tipsy", "Drunk", it doesn't matter. At that point, you're only fit company for people with the same IQ level as you, with the same mental disability. That's fine if you're all in it together laughing and staggering around like a bunch of yo-boys sharing a bagged bottle of Mad Dog 20 20 in an alley somewhere.

I've done it over the years. Makes anyone feel like something they're not, then feel sick, stupid, and (if you're one of the ones) like you've got to have another and another and another until you're a slave to it. Not even a slave to a plantation owner, but a slave to a vodka bottle, which is of somewhat lower status.

Never have figure out the point.
responds:July 31, 2017 3:18 PM UTC

I can recall only one time that I got so drunk that I staggered. We did an experimental fight in 2015 on July 5, with Erique sober, Charles mildly buzzed and me trashed. I drank, a, lot, was still drunk for 10 hours off of what I imbibed between 10:30 and 12, under supervision.

I did poorly in the knife fights.

I slaughtered those boys with the stick. The picture of the leg on Twerps, Goons and Meatshields, is my handiwork from that fight. I did not like being that drunk as it affected my speech and caused gaps in my memory. It felt almost identical to a fight I won while KO'd from a severe concussion in 2007 and regained consciousness while mechanically pummeling the guy at my feet, with the ref dragging me off.

It seems that obnoxious drunks, who get loud and loose sense of boundaries, are on display at about a 10-20% rate at the bars where I have been interviewing people. The sports fans are the worst when they get drunk and start yelling at each other.

In an interview I keep my level at talkative.

If at home with a nagging woman I just use it as a tranquilizer and roll over and sleep.

Now, if alone, or with questionable company, I keep things at relaxed and never drink enough to get talkative.